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  1. Hi Gary, thanks for getting back to me, have been the last few months at farming jobs and things, so only having another go at her now, afraid not very good with computers either so only noticed your message this evening:embarrassed:, can't figure out how to get the winch out at all, would be grateful of help thanks, my number is 00353 402 36185,
  2. I am just wondering could anyone help me. I have a 1969 Bedford RL and I am looking for some advice on how to remove the winch. The bearings are gone on the drum. I have it completely stripped but I am a bit stuck on how to remove it from the chassis. Just wondering as well would anyone have any information on a 1952 Magacon 3 phase generator 27.5 KVA with a 4 cylinder meadows engine that I believe is British Army surplus. Thanks Graham :-)
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