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  1. I know that we Jeeps you to bend the washer between the two nuts as it acts as a lock washer, stops the nut vibrating off..
  2. Does anyone have a copy, physical or soft copy of the 10 cwt Identification List/Manual please? Original 10cwt or post war 1/2 tonne trailer will do the trick.. If you do, please let me know.. Thanks, OzH
  3. I saw this briefly come up on ebay, if I hadn't just picked up my mortar trailer I would have snapped it up! Looks to be in reasonable condition and if I remember correctly, the tail end/board had been cut to make it open, but it was with it.. Nice trailer..
  4. Certainly a beautiful job, I do love the before and after photos..!
  5. Managed a few hours over the last weeknights and over the weekend getting the woodwork removed. Managed to undo some bolts but the majority either sheared or I had to cut off. Those that did undo are beyond use, very badly corroded.. no surprise really! Managed to get one of the mudguards off, these have the attachment points welded to the bed uprights and a variety of hex bolts, countersunk and round headed screws holding on the guards. Any advice on what they should be attached with? The rear support let came off with little trouble. Of interest, it had a square plate between the clamp and the trailer chassis, the front one (which won't budge) does not. Any thoughts why? Some clean up and un-seizing will be required!
  6. So cleared the rotten bed off and started on the driver side boards With the bed removed I noticed pre-drilled holes on second crossmember, would this be standard so the chassis can be used for mortar or GS trailers? Also, you'll notice on the third cross member two huge coach bolts.. a bit random, I assume these were repairs I had spotted the white X number before but only when I was working on getting the coach bolts out did I notice some yellow, looks like B 5?? The tongue of the tongue and groove is remarkably well d, lasted 70+ years!
  7. Joes Motor Pool has studs as individual or packs of 8, they press in and tighten up so no bother if you are missing any As phil.c says, be wary as older rims can be off kilter so may need repairing or lots of balancing that doesn't look that great, outer rims are generally worse as they hit the curb first! Also, they do sometimes rust through at the air hole so watch out for that, but from the pictures, they look ok in that area I ended up buying about 8 to make 4 good wheels and an "only use in emergency" spare
  8. Both support legs are present, one has a domed top end, the other open, I have seen both in the manuals and on restored examples, so plan to unseize the rear one and just try to straighten them up
  9. Most, if not all the wood is rotted through, but what I did find are the drilled holes down each sides for attaching, either the mortar kit or bomb stowage, some of these are open, straight through, some seem to be filled, this could be muck and dirt over time or were filled unless needed, again, anyone know what the score is here?
  10. Front (tail)gate is in working order, be it, with the majority of the wood, is rotten through, what I did notice is the latch pins differ, one has the twisted "jack chain" and a D ring that fits well against the sides, the other, more regular chain with a circular ring holding on the peg, this could be original, but I would guess one has been changed at some point. Any trailer owners know which is correct?
  11. Electrics, I've not decided yet what to do about the lights, I understand that these were produced without lights, but were moded either in the field or post war. So, do I leave it "light less" or restore the later mod? What I believe to be the original mod or post war junction box, switch are convoy light are all present, though a bit worse for wear, I believe the latter is the Lucas type rather than the more common Butler, but unfortunately, the stop/tail light did not make it but the attachment point is there I don't have the 3 mystery attachments on mine Hitch is the early block type that Ian recovered separately, definitely looks the part. Note the hole in the draw bar for the lighting cable.
  12. Hi Richard, thanks for this, not that I doubt you for a second, but I'd be interested how to work this out? Thanks
  13. I'll have a look later today or tonight, but no problem, yes
  14. I've been looking for a British trailer for my 43 MB for a year or so was happy to take delivery of one a week or so ago Some of you may recognise it from Ian L's posts from when he recovered the trailer a few years ago, Ian kindly sold it on to me... It is, I believe, a 10 CWT Mortar trailer, it still has its original tag and a faint outline of white lettering on the front right panel, indicating that it is X5441349 built as a Mortar trailer but, probably post war, converted to a GS trailer having the rear tailboard and electrics fitted. Not sure which maker, so if anyone can help with that, I'd appreciate it The tailboard is missing which isn't an issue as I plan to take it back to wartime configuration, and, you may notice, most of the wood has rotted out so will be brushing up on my carpentry skills! Building a patio and working full time during lock down so it will be slow progress, but will post updates as I can A request though please? Does anyone have a copy of the maintenance manual that they could copy/share with me please? email a scan or if you have a spare one I could borrow/purchase, please drop me a PM, it would be much appreciated?
  15. Re the yellow gas paint, I remember this lot being found and sold off on ebay Also, assuming these are all from the same unit, the variance in styles of stars, circles and numbers...! https://jalopnik.com/germans-discover-military-jeep-hoods-used-to-repair-a-c-1831021112
  16. Managed to find some more bunting later on, but I parked my Jeep out for the day. Had a load of people pull over to chat... at a distance..!
  17. I joined (regulars) in Sep 81 and remember while still in training coming in one night to see this all over the news A few days after the invasion, we were all marched down to the stores to hand in "essential war winning equipment" - a pair of shoes, flasher mack and jap hat...! go figure?? There is great audio book narrated by Max Hastings and (I think) Simon Jenkins, great to listen to on long journeys..
  18. OzH


    I hadn't noticed the review but it does give you details of how to measure all the tolerances etc, I thought a good easy to understand guide To be honest, I don't remember any details on blocking rings etc, I'll dig it out and have a look
  19. OzH


    I rebuilt my gearbox using this guide https://www.amazon.com/Trouble-Shooting-Rebuilding-T-84J-Transmission/dp/1329377435 nothing to do with me but it is a great investment!
  20. An unusual beastie..! The pond in the back doesn't look good but I'm sure it will be recoverable..
  21. When I registered my Jeep, March 2018, I just sent the paperwork off and got it done that way, no questions, no inspection.. As Jessie the Jeep says above, I doubt they have the manpower to inspect all vehicles..
  22. Thanks RIchard, it’s in the diary. Hopefully see you there
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