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46 minutes ago, john1950 said:

Unfortunately many people are in the same boat as you. All one can do is play the cards the way they are dealt. Some people get a smooth ride and others live in the grip of a perpetual hurricane and storm.  Good luck with your project. 

Yep everyone has their ups and downs.  I suppose what's got me down is I always liked being Mr average in social life helping people out. So got more closer friends in car sites than family.

Being Christmas and everything has fallen apart has been a double hit.  Mother is dying,  father has lost his marbles to top the list

I guess I'm lucky as most guys don't talk about it and they a found later sucking on exhaust fumes

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8 hours ago, robin craig said:


So sorry to hear about the changes in your life, sent you a PM. yes life is funny how we can be closer to people on places like here than family. I echo that.

Please keep your chin up and know others care, look forward to getting a reply from the PM


Robin in Canada

Thanks Robin... it's nice just hear a kind word from time to time

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35 minutes ago, john1950 said:

I think the most important thing is to talk to someone, be it in person, on the phone or via the internet. Just that contact with someone may be priceless.  

This is true I've had people visit whom i haven't seen For 30 year. Another guy I randomly helped with his project 4 years ago came first

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Another cheap or free pick me up is music,  modern music has passed me by. Story songs give you something to think about, the likes of John Farnam, Men at work, and others with some good sounds Chris Rea etc something with some life. Even old Nasty Door Mouse. I have checked the grey file's, Nessus Dorma.

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