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  1. Hi Guys. I found this in a pile of British kit, I assume it's some sort of weapons spare parts roll ? Would appreciate some help in an ID, I searched my manuals here and came up empty. Thanks in Advance Mark Witham
  2. Hi Guys. Has anyone ever ran across one of these? Was trying to figure out the power supply, it has a four pin power connector that I have not ran across before on Clansman? Thanks. Mark Witham
  3. Hi Guys Could anyone help me out identifying this sight and its application. Its NOS, just dusty from Storage its marked IMAGE INTENSIFIED L5A1 Thanks for the help Mark
  4. Hi Guys. Has anyone got any decent pics of the Bren storage brackets used in the Saracen and some pics of the mortar in its brackets, scoured the manuals but the pictures are not very clear or show enough detail. We plan on fabricating them but just need some idea of what we need to make ! Also does anyone know where the crew stowed their weapons and who carried what ? Thanks for the help. Mark
  5. ok montie here you go. Mark Witham/Eddie Furr SARACEN MK5 Texas USA vehicle id number 82 BA 60 Dis 20 JUN 55 HULL WAS STAMPED SEPT 54
  6. Hi Andy Thanks that makes lots of sense, this is the box I needed for the Abbot drivers position. Thanks again. Mark
  7. Hi Guys Was going through a bunch of Clansman stuff getting ready to install it and found a box marked : "interconnecting box drivers box selector" Has standard harness connectors on the left and right of the box and another harness plug on the bottom marked RBJ (same connector as harness !) There is a selector switch on the LHS of the fromt panel and a lamp assembly on the right. Was just curious as I could not find it anywhere in my documentation. Thanks mark
  8. Hi Guys. The registration was actually stamped there. In the course of this restoration we have found the number stamped on all sorts of bits and pieces, we were wondering if some of these were done during the upgrade process ? Mark
  9. Hi Guys. I have an uparmored MK5 and found the registration when I had the fuel tamk removed. With the tank removed it was located under the paint on the floor of the vehicle in the rear right corner of the floor looking over the lip of the rear doors (as a point of referance it is on the floor straight down fromroughly where the gas tank vent tube is located). It contained the reg number of the vehicle, a date (about a year before the"in service" date of the paperwork from Bovie) and some initials and numbers (QA maybe). Hope this helps, I would never had found it if the gas t
  10. Hi Guys. I'm a Brit living in Texas. When a friend gave me two chocolate labs I wanted to call one after N***** but there was universal disapproval around the house, I compromised and called him Digger. Problem is when I shout at him to come back (which is most of the time as he does not listen worth a damn) it always seems to sound like N***** to the Texans anyway !! Mark
  11. Some of the ones that were brought back to Europe had a bunch of stuff done to them to make them look externally similar to the full spec Abbots. Here is the VAE I have at the moment
  12. Hi. I have had a number of them in the States, still have one of the last ones produced. It came back to the UK and then to BAOR, was reimported to the States later. mark
  13. Here is the last of this batch, there will be more to follow. These are off topic but are part of the collection so I think they are worth including Mark
  14. Hi Guys. Here are a few more. Mark
  15. Hi. I will try to get some more posted this week, also I will get some background info. I have quite a few photographs in the museum collection but these images are head and shoulders above most of the others. Mark
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