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  1. Hope to get a look at it in May 40's railway at war event.
  2. R.I.P. in respect and rememberance of a truley brave and talented man. His like will not be seen again. With sympathys to his remaining family. Andy
  3. I got the card as well,.........seems (again :argh:) that ONLY the YANKS and germans were involved in the period depicted. :n00b: Shame...............but predictable. *for those who didn't get card period depicted is wwii. Rick W the re-enactors forum i think your refering to is www.wwiireenacting.co.uk (yes I'm a member, and no, I'm not featured.) All the best. Andy
  4. Was going to ask you of you'd been wearing your wet suit. Andy
  5. Now they must have been taken in the summer,.........would need yer wellys to get to it, today......... This ones just up the road from me......
  6. Great pic's as always; Not visited any of these, ..........how did you get to visit the golf course one. ?? Andy
  7. In part your correct in this, but according to the 'pillbox bible',...... Pillboxes. A study of UK Defences 1940. by Henry Wills (well worth tracking down if interested in the subject ) type FW3/28 which was designed to house the 2pdr a/t gun..........although as you say both a 3pdr and 6pdr naval gun have been known to have been installed,.........interestingly though, it would be interesting to know if either of the later would fire a/t ammo......... Without going into too many details, - which also start to conflict themselves, :sweat: differing types of pillbox had different no's............ type's 22-23 etc The FW3 bit referes to the Directorate of Fortifications F.W 3 branch, who in june 1940 issued a series of drawings, etc to Army Command. thus FW 3/28 is 'anti-tank 2pdr emplacement. Also FW 28A same with Bren chamber. This study of these structures is a history of warfare in itself. Great thread. Andy
  8. Thinking as you have taken so much time uploading pic's you'd be the best one to lead it. :-D All the best, Andy
  9. Certainly look drier than when I last visited these............ Barcombe Mills was on both the GHQ* defence line and an east-west divisional stop line,...........certyainly possibly the best area to go pillbox/field defences hunting in this area. * GHQ line, was built between june-august 1940 by both royal engineers and civilian builders, on the orders of Gen Sir Edmund Ironside, Commander in Chief Home Forces, and when replaced in jul 1940, by Gen Alan Brooke. Have you seen the one dug into railway bank nr the Anchor pub?? Again, great pic's.............maybe's next year, a trip could be arranged for those interested in this subject, around the area. All the best, Andy
  10. Wasn't that long ago that circular one in top pic, was in danger of falling away from its supporting earth bank, due to erosion; Glad to see last time I was down there, it's surroundings had been stabilised. Pillbox in question is a type 25, made up of corrugated iron-shuttered concrete. *It was constructed in 1940, by 4 members of R/E helped by 2 civilians; Structure was totally built on site, with no pre fabricated parts and took between 4 and 5 days to complete;......it should have been completed sooner, but shortages of cement and other materials led to delays. The extra materials were requisitioned from louis g ford of eastbourne. As an aside, when it was found that the correct corrugated iron shuttering was missing, roof sheets from an anderson shelter were used instead. *This is based upon recollections of Mr Norman MacKenzie, who was involved in its construction. Andy
  11. Tis amazing how many folk visit the fort,...well worth a visit, by the way, and totally miss these.........although, to be honest, they are not signposted........... Andy
  12. In FULL agreement with you; Not against the idea, or owt, but come on,...every year.......:argh:
  13. Brilliant place...........:-D well worth a visit,......just be VERY slim if he invites you to visit the cellar. :sweat:
  14. The area is rich in history, having been used by the military since the napolionic era; not much now remain's of the barracks erected during this period, one being on the western side (coastguard cottages), whilst the other was sited between cliff end and foxhole farm, - this comprised of officers quarters, soldiers huts,and a pair of magazines. In 1816, once the threat of Napolion was removed, (after the battle of waterloo in 1815) they were auctioned off and removed. Today, there are 'humps' in the ground giving a brief 'footprint'. The site was indeed a 'Starfish or QL' decoy site, between 1942 and 43, using lighting to mimic the local port of newhaven The area really from cuckmere haven through to seaford is well worth walking, as there are various reminders of defensive positions, etc. Good pic's. ( for an all too short while, I was park ranger, at the park living at Foxholes, so tended to take a lot of interest in said fortifications and history. ) Andy
  15. yup,.........know the feeling; :-\ Re Adams vehicle listing, I've always liked the look of the Morris MRA1.
  16. On the mess tin front. go modern, they look the same but are SAFE to EAT OUT OF. Asnley, re the black web fittings, for the most part you are correct,....there was some webbing fitted with what was called sheradized steel, which was sometimes coated/painted black. For webbing info have a look at British Web Equipment of two world wars, by Martin Brayley. All the best, Andy
  17. Good luck with the sales, Mark. Always be a cuppa for you at any events we both attend. See you soon. Andy
  18. Hi Joris, re your kit listing, to add to Enigma's list you should also add large pack and greatcoat,.......even leather jerkin, which was worn in a lot of cases in preference to greatcoat as its a lot less bulky and a groundsheet/ poncho ........a rifle, Lee Enfield no4 is the one to go for if portraying period '44 onwards. Tin hat would either be standard pattern Mk II or Mk III 'Turtle type'. If you can get to see a copy's of The World War II Tommy, Martin Brayley and Richard Ingram and From D-Day to VE-Day The British Soldier, Jean Bouchery vol 1 a wealth of info is contaoned within both books,........in pic's which helps to identify kit. If you've not already read the following, well worth doing so, if you can find them,......... The Fighting Wessex Wyvern, by Patrick Delaforce The 43rd Wessex Division at War, by Maj-Gen H. Essame Also re B/dress, as already mentioned 40 pat (exposed buttons) were worn, also the earlier 37 pet (concealed buttons) as well. Any more info wanted, get in touch. All the best Andy
  19. Just booked two weeks based in pickering next year covering 40's event. ( dates 15 - 17 oct 2010) although there was talk this year of a 4 day one somewhen soon. Andy
  20. Hi Martin,............ Welcome to the forum. All the best, Andy
  21. :blush: Ahem,.........not me, carried camera around in gas mask bag all day, as well,........forgot it was there. :n00b:
  22. Hi Evey, certainly a colection there,.............never mind, beats mowing the lawn and weeding. Welcome to the forum All the best, Andy
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