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  1. it would be nice to get the markings confirmed in case its Chinese for domino's pizza
  2. almost forgot if anyone can confirm it would be helpfull my truck has not had anything done to it since release so marking are original it would seem to have spent time in Korea as apparently the markings under military police say military police in Korean
  3. just wondering how many cucv owners are on here ? they seem to hide very well as there is little or no mention of them i have a 1985 m1008 i drive it daily to my work in the west midlands uk
  4. I have no idea if this is any help but there is two matador chassis with both axles winches and chassis fixings in ward recyclings yard newport south wales they are on the pile to be burnt up so dont hang around it seems they may let you take parts for scrap value
  5. Yellow truck is a mercedes I am almost certain
  6. Thanks for the input folks I will retry
  7. Does anyone know if e-mails to vendors gets through ? Or is there a routing problem ? I have sent several emails now asking about trailers and although they are marked sent I have had no replys. I spose they could be too busy to respond but all of them ? Surly not ??
  8. I see from re reading thread its a u50 I have a keen intrest in the licence built operations so did actualy know a bit about it Top marks for efective googling would seem fair as its still a bit obscure
  9. Re exact model I was under the impresion that the bulk were all ford do brazil cj5 universal as ford had bought up the willys operation I think the army may have called them cj5 rad There was a good model range for the civiy market too
  10. Its a ford jeep built in brazil
  11. Thanks for the info I will try and find them
  12. Hi folks I dont post a great deal but want to get more involved in the hobby so can anyone tell me is there an active club cell in my area ? I live in the b65 area of the outskirts of birmingham just by j2 of the m5 thanks in advance
  13. i find the post war life every bit as fascinating as the the wartime life its a bit of a shame more are not restored to there peace time role runs and hides
  14. if its the short wheel base brave 340 yes a 2a body will fit there is mahindra on ebay at the moment attracting big cash as a willys add says its a willys but its not or rather the vin tag may be
  15. the very best thing about landrovers is everybodys uncle has one in bits at the bottom of there garden so spares are plentiful
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