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  1. it would be nice to get the markings confirmed in case its Chinese for domino's pizza
  2. almost forgot if anyone can confirm it would be helpfull my truck has not had anything done to it since release so marking are original it would seem to have spent time in Korea as apparently the markings under military police say military police in Korean
  3. just wondering how many cucv owners are on here ? they seem to hide very well as there is little or no mention of them i have a 1985 m1008 i drive it daily to my work in the west midlands uk
  4. I have no idea if this is any help but there is two matador chassis with both axles winches and chassis fixings in ward recyclings yard newport south wales they are on the pile to be burnt up so dont hang around it seems they may let you take parts for scrap value
  5. chaffie tank heading north m6 yesterday just above stafford looked in very good nick poss runner or super static condition about 8.30 am
  6. so would this have fed the large munitions store at ditton priors where almost all the buildings are more or less intact or were twenty years ago
  7. thats nice in a wrong kind of way why would you do it though
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