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  1. Hi John, Soldier of fortune is a company who sell repro kit, based in north wales. www.1944airborne.com british B/d is very similar to khaki devil ones,..........you pays your moneys and takes your choice. (I've a 40 patt blouse of there's and am quite happy with it, for reenacting purposes) These spare raf uniforms, are they wwii vintage. ?? Glad to have been able to help, etc. All the best, Andy
  2. Happy Birthday, Mate. Will be in touch soon. All the best, Andy
  3. Hi John, SOF = yup soldier of fortune, (sorry) Can't help you with ARP kit,..........don't know enough about it to answer correctly BUT, if you get yourself along to wwiireenacting.co.uk and join the forum, amoungst the headings is one on civilian life and homefront. I'm more than guessing one of the knowlegable folk on there will be able to answer your enquiries,.........and correctly at that. :-D All the best, Andy
  4. No worries, John. these hobbies tend to bring out the best (and at times the worst) in folk. The folk at Khaki Devil are great,.........very passionate about what they do. All the best Andy
  5. Thanks John, for clarifying those points. I guessed looking at your 'other period', interests you may well hold black powder licence. Brown Bess,.........Very,very Nice. If your on the look out for repro uniform, I'd recomend Khaki Devil. 37 patt B/dress @ £190 ..and yes, I have got a set myself, (to keep my two canadian 40's dated uniforms unmarked) Other way to go is SOF,...similar price, I believe. OR have a look on Ebay for GREEK b/dress,......some of which is very 'canadian', in colour. All the best, Andy
  6. Cheers for that Paul,..........not just me, then. Difficult not to appear as a 'party pooper',.........but hey. :-) All the best, see you in a field somewhere in 2011. (or even xmas leave this year) Andy
  7. Umm, John,..........last line of your reply,.@'all weapons are de-acts but can fire blank rounds (only in single shot form)';.........Sorry, mate, this does not make them De-act, in the true letter of the law..........(a de-act, depending on when it was deactivated whilst on the older ones in some cases can chamber rounds, the later spec ones cannot,......and none of them are able to fire said round, blank or no. It makes them blank firers, and in the case of the lee Enfield, quite poss still live firer...............:shocked: (hope you've got the correct licence to own it) Not wishing to kurb your enthusiasm, but as a mil vehicle owner involved in living history events, and a re-enactor, as you can inagine, with the various prospective/talked about legislation simmering about, we tend to be careful about such things. :-) Andy
  8. If I'm reading some of the answers posted regarding De-acts not needing certificates, correctly.............umm, why do they ALL come with said piece of paper, then ?? I seriously would not want to be stopped, whilst carrying said de-act without cert,........at best I'm thinking you'd have a good talking to by the powers that be and don't forget, just because we know our stuff re wwii kit/guns/uniforms, etc, the average policeman doesn't,......and a guns a gun;.........if armed response was called,...a whole deep pile of poo is tipped up. Also, a lot of events, now are asking to see de-ac certs of those displaying,..and I've even heard of an event organiser refusing to allow those without certs to exhibit. Regarding Imitation firearms, (RIF's) whilst its true you don't need a certificate to own one, most dealers/sellers will want to know which group you belong to, (MVT and IMPS are recognised groups)and also to know you've public liability insurance, (which, if your showing your kit, off vehicle, makes sense to have anyways.) Shooters Rights and AFRA are also people to talk to in respect of this. As you say, its certainly a question that does get asked quite a few times,.......so its best to get it right. :-) All the best. Andy
  9. Hi Graham. re sample of cloth, give Tracey an e mail at Khaki Devil. ( they supply most of the ww1 kit you'll have seen on TV) khakidevil@taffmail.co.uk tell her lee enfield gave you her details. hope it helps. Andy
  10. err yes, the expression scared shi*less comes to mind. :cool2: However, I think looking at the way the german forces worked together, these units, along with I suspect most of the pillbox beach defences would have been dealt with by stuka dive bomber, before any attempted landing.
  11. Well I for one wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere near the flame. I think that most flame 'guns', were far more effective as 'frighteners', than 'normal' equipment. Also, the 'landing craft', the germans had got for opperation sealion, if I remember correctly were converted barges, in guessing of wood construction,.........which could have caused a certain amount of panic if one had been caught within range of this 'bit o kit'.
  12. Could well be right,......really starting with W&p, there has been an event in kent every w/end really up to next w/end,.........I know I've travelled up in bedford 3 w/ends running. :-) (not complaining though,..i guess what ever date(s) were booked, its going to if not clash with another event in local, at least make poss attendee's look to their pockets.)
  13. Hi Lee, her mum did check re singing, today, was informed there wasn't a licence for it........ See you at Chatham. I hope all that did put money in H4h bucket, got the pic they wanted........:-)
  14. I went up as a day visitor, (sun), and whilst it seemed quite quiet, (drizzly rain I guess didn't help with visitor numbers, although there were folks walking about) I did kinda enjoy the day. (Thanks Kas. ) Mark did tell me that local council were being 'hot' on things,.hence why there was no live music on sun, in the beer tent,......and the reason said beet tent was closed down when it was sat night. Great to meet, Cripp,Lord Burley,Ian,Lee and Mark, Gritineye.........see some of you at Chatham 40's event. Andy
  15. Great pic's.......... Have you heard anything re the pillbox on station roof at Bishopstone; If I remember correctly a few years ago there was some talk of opening it to interested parties. Andy
  16. was a great event,......impressive bruise, Mark,..........almost as good as your dance moves, yes, there is photographic evidence,:cool2: Great to bump into those forum dwellers I bumped into, - thanks for the beers on sat night, Lee and Ian.......the sight of you and Naughty Nurse wandering off, 'love trailer' way, towing half a dozen balloons, same night, Mark, watching Paul Not win the raffle :cool2:, etc, etc etc. Heres to next year. Andy
  17. Not going this year,.........going to try a couple of others, where i don't have to pay to get in, when I'm in a mil veh. Andy
  18. Not A&E-ing then Chris. ?? Will drop in somewhen soon. All the best,mate. Andy
  19. Haselbury Mill is a good event,................it happened to be on when I was down that ways on holiday a few years ago. :-)
  20. Hi Tracy, I'll have a mesure up when next I'm down at mine, (dunno if mine being origionally mwr makes any difference) All the best, Andy PS have you got the contact details for dealers holding mw bits, if not, PM me.
  21. Hi Andy. Welcome to the forum, see you about. All the best, Andy
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