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SCC No.2 Service Brown uk suppliers

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Hey everyone :) Decided what colour I'm going to do the 16h with the help of the lads.

Does anyone in the uk know of a good paint supplier for SCC No.2 Service Brown? :)

Many Thanks,


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4 hours ago, Niels v said:

https://www.facebook.com/camouflage.paints/ this guy makes a really spot (IMHO) on SCC No.2 and it seems quite nice to work with. 

http://www.warpaint.co.uk/  should also have one, but are not familiar with it




I had a good sample of SCC No.2 Brown a few years ago, it was hidden from sunlight and weather inside a 1942 vehicle, I took it to RR Services (www,warpaint.co.uk) and they sent it to the paint manufacturer to be matched. If you contact Kerry at Warpaint it is known now as 'Farrant Brown'. A very good match, you have to tell them whether you want Matt or Semi-Matt. The latter is more durable.

regards, Richard

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Thanks guys! That's a huge help 🙂 actually did email warpaint before as I saw there advert on milweb I'll have a word with Kerry about that Richard.

Didn't know it was a bs colour as well thanks Ron! 

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