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Hello from Nottingham

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Hi All

Joined up as will be getting into the ww2 vehicle scene at some point this year (ish). Hopefully this won't upset anyone too much but I'm planning on making my own Willys replica from an SJ and new tub..... Cash flow prevents the real thing unfortunately but it will be lhd and be as close as possible externally. 

More on that later as the year progresses as need to finish building a summer house for the gf's daughters and finishing off my garage before I can even think of anything else. 

I'm into my motorcycles and currently have 4 in various states of completeness. In one piece is my Ducati Multistrada 1200 and Yamaha DT200WR, with the two projects being a Ducati 900 Monster and a Yamaha TDR125 (this I accidentally bought off Ebay one night doh!).

We have just returned from a week in Normandy (went last year as well but not in June) stopping near Ste Mere Eglise. To say we loved it was a total understatement and the gf has told me we need a jeep! Going round Camp Geronimo and Utah etc convinced Louise and I this was our scene - when you watch Sherman's driving through town and armoured cars complete with 50's you know it's an awesome place to be and something great to be a part of. 

Hope everyone's cool with the concept of having an homage but as you can see my cash is spread thinly and I want to build something reliable and able to cruise at something like 60.

Was a little tempted by a GMC but can't even imagine the mpg and my jeep will go to France every year from Nottingham so has to be affordable-ish to run.




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