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Richard Farrant

Brake parts wanted for FV2842 Medium Girder Bridge trailer

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Does anyone know of a source of brake shoes and springs for a FV2842 Medium Girder Bridge trailer? They need not be new, if you know of someone breaking these trailers. The enquiry is on behalf of an overseas contact with a couple of these trailers.


cheers Richard

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3 ton MGB trailer

Just bumping this request up again as my contact now knows what is missing from the brakes on their trailers. Basically, the expanders are still in the backplate, and the adjuster body and screw, but the 'tappets' that go in the adjuster are missing. Brake shoes and all  other parts inside the drum are missing.

If anyone knows of a source of parts as above for two trailers please let me know, even if they are used, ie. from a scrapped trailer. I now have access to a parts list and may be able to provide numbers if required.

Reason parts are missing is that brake shoes were removed on disposal from army as they were possibly asbestos linings.

regards, Richard

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Richard, I know where several of those trailers are over here in a scrap yard, been trying to buy them for a few years but yard owner think they are gold.


There is talk the son may be taking over, I might go ask again if he does.


Postage will be prohibitive as usual from this side of the pond

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