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  1. A set of 5 Michelin XZL 7.5 R16 tyres for sale. Offers around £250, collection or postage at cost, may be able to deliver as I wander around the country a bit as well. Currently located in deepest darkest Kent (New Romney) Only selling as I have changed tyre size on the Landy last week. All are in good condition the two with deeper tread depth have done less than five hundred road miles, which is odd as Michelin claim 13mm tread depth when new.:??? Cheers
  2. redneck


    Youtube pull it off quite well, likewise several other image hosting sites. P****bucket just got greedy
  3. I take it that you have seen this one down in Rye harbour, its an old news article, but she is still there. http://www.ryeandbattleobserver.co.uk/news/rye-boat-s-heroic-past-1-4602613 There used to be another one moored next to us on the Hamble but that was 8 years ago and I don't have any details on her, I'll see if I can dig out some pictures.
  4. redneck

    Cab Haeting for 110 Land Rover

    Probably the cables. I had to change mine (inner and outer) recently as I had a similar problem. Simple enough to change just tape the new on to the old one and pull through.
  5. redneck

    which one are you from the following

    How about those who buy an ex MV to use, My RB44 was set up as a camper, and was used almost daily, same goes for my current 110. Not too bothered about authenticity as long as it works. I just like the fact it isn't glossy paint and full of electronics, a hammer and spanner can fix most things on them. While I go to the shows to see the other vehicles ( and very much admire the dedication and attention to detail) I wouldn't bother putting mine in a show. I do prefer the used vehicles though, the pristine, straight off the production line look, doesn't really do it for me.
  6. how about a slightly smaller Ural
  7. redneck

    Truth vs Myth RB44

    As a former RB44 owner. Used it as daily driver and did many 300+mile drives in it. Drum brakes all round. Standard servo with Hydraulic brakes Detroit locker in the rear Braked straight an true every time, even under heavy braking. Tie bars were fitted to the front axle effectively making it a 4 link front suspension, eliminating the axle twist that causes steering to veer under braking. Really a schoolboy error on the design, should have cross linked it, like a land rover. I was going to do this myself if I kept it, removing the tie bars and increasing articulation. Cruised at 60-65mph comfortably. Ride comfort with a suspension seat was OK, better than a Fuso that I had the misfortune to ride in recently. A couple of problems I had were:- - the steering pump failed, due to a de-laminating return hose collapsing internally and starving the pump, land rover pump is a direct replacement. _ prop shaft ujs front and rear died very quickly, but on inspection the joints were bone dry as were the sliding joints on the prop shafts i.e never maintained - a couple of brake cylinders needed renewal due to water in the brake fluid, again lack of maintenance (being sat around). Other than that it was a great vehicle, sold to fund a bigger project that didn't happen, so I picked up an ex military 110 landy which is a far worse vehicle to drive and far far less reliable. Bottom line.... I'd definitely buy another one
  8. redneck

    Possible scammer

    Just ask if you can pay when you pick it up (even if you aren't). Usually sorts the scams from the real ones. If your still unsure, see if there is anyone you know nearby who can take a look.
  9. Hi all Not strictly MV, but oddball vehicle related (1965 Fire truck) I had a slight mishap refitting one of the windscreens today on my truck (a 65 Ford F600) however this is a Finnish coach-built truck with, what I believe is a one off/low volume screen made for it. Anyone out there had a curved laminated/toughened screen made for any of their vehicles?? Thanks
  10. redneck

    Re proofing canvas

    I used this on a 10 man Arctic tent to good effect, 2 coats and I still have half a 5l can left http://www.stormcare.co.uk/equipment/proof/canvas-waterproofer-5l.html It was recommended by several others on another forum.
  11. redneck

    Bending 3mm ply

    Depends on the bend radius, but regular WBP ply will bend quite a lot, or you can buy flexible ply made for more acute bends. Here for example http://www.lathamtimber.co.uk/products/panels/flexi-products/flexible-plywood or you could make it with strips of timber rather than a sheet. I fitted strips of 3/4" ply between the the frames of my RB44 to make a solid roof under the canvas that I could walk on and fit a roof rack to.
  12. redneck

    What happened this year Chaps?

    No pictures, too busy looking around. I went up on Wednesday on my own for a shopping trip, and will go up again today with the family. A couple of things I noticed- - The moving of the fun??fair is better and less of it to get in the way (hopefully they have not added to it). - Several of the vendors were overheard moaning about the lack of trade they were getting. Bear in mind this was a mid week morning and the first public opening day of the show. The same vendors also seemed to be very proud of their stock, often twice as proud (expensive) for the same or poorer quality items on sale next door:confused:. I never went to the Hop Farm so I have no reference point. With that in mind, I think the show is fantastic. Well done to organisers and all those that make the effort to show their vehicles and equipment. Thank you
  13. I recently purchased a pair of 6 tonne axle stands from these http://www.sgs-engineering.com/garage-equipment/trolley-jacks Can't comment on their trolley jacks but their axle stands seem to be good quality and cheaper than many mainstream suppliers, quick delivery too.
  14. redneck

    Primers and finish coats

    |Are you spraying or brush painting? I'm currently doing a fire engine and came across Craftmaster coach paints, they are very good, with good prep it comes out near spray finish straight from the brush. They do suitable etch primers etc. I found this site quite useful. http://coachpainting.info/newnails/index.html
  15. I've just finished a project at work that involved removing paint (many layers) the paint removal was for NDT inspection which have very specific surface finish conditions, adding to the problem was the minimal parent metal removal allowed. This is the second time I have run this project (10 men for a month), and having tried many different types of paint removal, by far the best and easiest way to achieve the finish required was Scotchbrite clean and strip discs XCRS. As for a grinder without a gaurd, been there done that, got the scars. Just don't, it's really difficult to use tools with fingers missing/broken.