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  1. I hope its yummy...in fact it better be yummy as you will be head chef Yes, will be driving the ferret all the way from Surrey, about 100 miles each way...need to replace all the fluids over the next few weeks to make sure I know where I am starting from as it has stood for 8 years. I think its in remarkable condition considering that, and it has a heap of CES including a Larkspur setup...so will be picking brains at W&P for what is correct, how things should look and connect up etc.
  2. Thanks Ian...coffee, white, one sugar Looking forward to the curry night and the kebabs!!! Mick
  3. Hopefully be there with my newly acquired ferret, will be hanging out with the 101 club as they are the only ones that will tolerate me.
  4. Not 100% sure but isn't there a vent between the two rear hatches...can have a look at the manuals tomorrow. I think it has a ball bearing in it for if the ferret overturns.....I may be wrong though and open to be corrected
  5. Hahaha, very funny...even funnier if it is!!!!! yes, another fsc, couldn't stay away.
  6. Thanks Clive...I hope so...seems the easiest fix
  7. I have just done a deal on a ferret with similar, but different issue. Ferret was let parked for a few years with handbrake on. Release handbrake, but ferret will not move. Brake pedal pretty much solid. I have not had a chance to get it up off the wheels yet. Do you think this will be: 1. Cables from hanbrake seized? 2. Brake pads stuck to drums? 3. Something else? Will be going back next week to investigate further and try to get it moving. Cheers
  8. I see you got featured in the landrover mag this month...well done...looks good!!!
  9. Paul, sounds like you have been on the tipple and got all emotional I do agree though, I dont think there is a question that cannot be answered on here. Mick
  10. I am guessing this would do the trick? The bore of the pump appears to be ~17mm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Primus-Optimus-Camp-Stove-Premium-Service-Kit-1-5-type-Kit-E-MADE-TO-LAST-/251278798030?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3a81622cce#ht_1563wt_1161
  11. It does, and verge nice, but I am really after the seals and plunge washer.
  12. Thanks tony, I assume they are just standard size parts then?
  13. Does anyone know where I can get a service kit? I want to make sure all the washers etc are new before firing it up (the plunge washer is def knackered). Its a No2, MK2 modified. Cheers Mick
  14. I had a look at your Tactica while there, first time I had seen one in the flesh....they never appealed to me when I saw them on the Withams site, but in the flesh...what a stonking bit of kit (although the Withams ones had all the armour stripped off?). Really nice...want one! is it/can it be road registered? Whats it like to drive....looks like a nightmare with all that wiring under the floor!!!
  15. the blow off valves are on the top, so they should only fit in the correct position.
  16. I will be getting there sometime tomorrow with the 101 club. Great show, fantastic fireworks, cheap (and good) beertent and probably the biggest collection of CVRTs anywhere...and I would guess almost every variant!! Not often you see two Saladin's at one show...very nice! See you there Simon...get David to put the kettle on
  17. Head gasket on the way out? Just resolved an issue on the 101. Coolant gas test was negative, no water on oil, leak down test negative, but under load/speed coolant was being pumped through the rad cap. Head gasket was corroded at one end of the head at the water jacket and pressure from cylinder was being pushed into coolant. Apparently not uncommon on a rover V8, but mabe worth considering on the B60?
  18. I am sure there is a very valid reason why there was a single track into and out of the entire site, but I struggle to think what it was. Also, funnelling all inbound traffic through the carpark at the entrance seemed odd. Made the Marshalls job 10x harder.
  19. I would say almost 6ft at the high end. Mine certainly goes up that high with the floor still touching the ground
  20. Thats another channel to avoid then! What an annoying show!
  21. I am intrigued! Molasses? Is that like putting a penny in Coke...? What is he doing, getting all the rust and corrosion off?
  22. Hi Chris, you will be hitting probably the largest show in Europe at that time. the War and Peace Revival. Its a quick train journey from London, with the station virtually on site. Check out the shows board. Mick
  23. When you had the prop-shaft connected, did the other wheel on that side of the ferret rotate, or was that also locked? Trying the escertain if the input to the bevel box is free, and its something further along the drive-chain towards to wheel station thats is broken and seized
  24. Don't ask how I found it, totally bizarre: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danger_5 The youtube clip had me scratching my head and laughing....will look forward to the UK airing Those Australians, I love them, we have so much in common when it comes to humour!!!
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