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  1. Hi I know we are a little out of your way, in Suffolk, but we offer it if you cannot find anyone closer. There are a couple of Travelodges close by. Thanks Antony http://www.totaldriving.net/other/h-tracked-vehicle-training/
  2. Hi John Just saw you post. Ordered one from RS yesterday and it came this morning. Thanks Antony
  3. Hi Sorry if I am a bit dense on this one, do you mean the little locating tag is off slightly? If so, I am sure I can take apart and turn. Failing that, on the plug I could widen the slot slightly without chance of it being 90 degrees out. Once it is in, am doubt I will be unplugging it each time I park up. Thanks Antony
  4. Hi John the operation manual says that is what or is for. If it does too much I could always get an led beacon. Thanks Iain, looks like you and just up the road from me. Antony
  5. Evening Does anyone know where I might get a plug to fit this socket? It is about an inch across. Need to get a plug to fit a flashing beacon to my Shielder. Thanks Antony
  6. Hi Thanks for the replies. Yes, £100+vat gets you the lead acid version. I have found somewhere that do new Hawker, £280+vat each. 6-8 week delivery - so guess they are coming from the states. Think I will invest in a charger. I see Withams have some batteries in their auction at the moment but obviously don't know the condition. Cheers
  7. Morning all I have 4 of these batteries on my Shielder. The primary 2 were fine when I got it, fine the next weekend. Didn't get used for about a fortnight and were flat. Can start off the secondary set fine, but at no point, no matter how long it is run for do the primary set seem to have any charge in them. Anyone give me any guidance on this? Are they cream crackered or can I salvage them some how? Thanks Antony
  8. Diana I am very surprised that you have posted, certainly after the PMs that you have sent me - would you say the same things in a public that you would in a PM? If someone wishes to pass judgement on someone else wanting bend/break the rules then surely they must be whiter than white themselves. Otherwise they are surely hypocritical. Anyway, tape measure worked well and all is good. Now, back to the plot, as they say. My original post was asking for advise on filling boxes in on the V55 (not discussing C&U) and someone has been good enough to do that. Have a good weeken
  9. You are such a positive bunch of souls! As I have said we all know the rules and I fully understand it is down to me. I am sure that you are all law abiding people who have never wandered a few MPH over the speed limit etc, so I guess I can't argue with you. Now, down to the Shielder with the tape measure. Antony
  10. I am so glad you are here! As I said, just for information - that is from the Jane's guide. Do you have nothing better to do than be this unhelpful? Least I can give a definitive answer tomorrow.
  11. Just for information, but will clarify with the tape measure tomorrow.
  12. No I do not - though looks like a worth while purchase.
  13. There is nothing fitted to the sides of the vehicle - all bit and pieces removed prior to purchase. Avoided is a bit strong. Not in possession of the information is much more accurate. I could get my tape measure out, but I like the information that you have furnished me with. Thanks Antony
  14. Hmmm, I just typed out an response but decided to delete it and start again. I came on here for a bit of help. Most of know the rules but we are looking for the ways round. It has been done previously, and now I am looking to do it. Any advice in reaching the goal is much appreciated. I am reasonably confident that the vast majority of people on here have broken or bent rules to suit at some point in their life. Soooo, if there is any constructive advice on offer, thank you in advanced. Antony
  15. LOL, don't be silly! The MVT have done me a letter of verification and have referred to the Jane's guide which lists the vehicle as 2.4m wide. Antony
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