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    morris 8

    just found this thread and although I don't know anything of the morris 8 you mention I was told my 8 tourer was used by the home guard Nigel
  2. so you bought it then Doug,guessed you would once the jeep sold,is it back home yet? if you have patterns or drawing I know a good metal man that can make most things for reasonable cost so let me know and I will try to call over in the near future Nigel
  3. dr s are gonna get wet feet if that's the only way in /out
  4. bsa M20 and probably just me although maybe a pillion Nigel
  5. repro leather jerkins are available from Silvermans surplus on the Mile End road London,they often sell them on ebay,also a very similar jerkin was used post war by the Belgians and these sometimes come but do need the buttons changing to make them more authentic
  6. I knew you would weaken eventually,good on you Jack Nigel
  7. helmets come up fairly often but are getting rarer due to being converted to para spec as the shells are the same,anything above a size 7 is rarer but they do turn up at fairs,as has been mentioned soldier of fortune do breeches and standard bd blouses,boots are a problem particularly in larger sizes but did continue in use into the 70s so occasionally turn up,personally I just use bd trousers and dms boots as I don't fancy riding in hobnails. Dr macs also turn up quite often but weigh a ton,take a look at the wd motorcycle forum header picture at the moment to see what people are wearing and it maybe worth putting a wanted ad on there Nigel
  8. Funding these things is always going to be difficult ,the obvious answer would be a lottery grant but I would imagine the ww1 centenary will be well ahead of any other military events over the next few years,probably the next chance for that is going to be 2019 for the d day 75 anniversary so there is no excuse for anyone who hasn't finished their restorations yet and Jack should have his pilots licence by then so he can command from above Nigel
  9. I am planning on going,not after anything in particular but always enjoy these events and doubt I will go home empty handed Nigel
  10. ford 369

    NGK Plugs

    nothing but trouble when I had a ngk plug in my m20,started from cold everytime but would not tick over and refused to restart once hot ,change to champion l10 and the transformation was incredible ,she ticks over and always (almost) starts Nigel
  11. the mate I am talking about is Daren over in Jersey who I know you have been in touch with so there may not be too many people searching,I know he has also spoken to Steve about his search for wheels ,there may have been a breakthrough today as another mate appears to have found a hub so watch this space Nigel
  12. a friend of mine who was planning on taking his james to Normandy this june is in urgent need of wheels for his bike ,he needs complete wheels or just hubs for a wartime james ml125 either to buy or even borrow,it is the only james booked on the tour amongst 200 plus other wartime bikes and will play an important part representing the lightweight models used in France so please dig deep into your spares piles and see if we can help him out Nigel
  13. is that the one that was standing in a garden in Weymouth for a few years?
  14. no problem just thought it was worth asking,he is trying to get it finished by june
  15. just talking to a mate who asked me to look out for james ml 125 parts,particularly a back wheel or just a hub,dont suppose you have anything,a set of handlebars would be nice too
  16. looking forward to Stoneleigh and searching for military motorcycle related parts etc although I probably will end up buying yet more militaria when I cant find any bike bits
  17. first time Ive been to Dallas for about a year and it was indeed a good turnout and for the first time ever I managed to buy 1 part for my bikes
  18. I visited as well,bumped into a few mates and bought a few bits,usual story no BSA parts but an enjoyable trip none the less
  19. take a look on the wd motorcycle forum ,there is a list of events around the beaches for the weeks preceding and after d day and also many events are listed on milweb Nigel
  20. hopefully Arromanches wont be too crowded on the 6th then
  21. you should also bear in mind deac standards don't just apply to complete firearms but all pressure bearing parts meaning they must not be capable of being used to reactivate a deactivated weapon or building a fireable version from parts
  22. welcome aboard,always good to welcome another biker
  23. that's the armoured jeep built by forum member armourer doug a couple of years back and now sold on,it is Mahindra based and a fair copy of the t25 prototypes built but never put into production
  24. better make that 3 cos I really miss my mk2 zodiac,it wasn't anywhere near as good as he mk2 zephyr I replaced it with but we had so much fun in that car
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