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  1. Its fixed, I replaced the cam plate and also the shift forks with new rollers as the rollers had been welded on. Even on the bench it shifted better. Now I have fourth gear awesome! I was able to leave the gearbox in the bike and just remove the clutch and outer gear box covers. Thanks for the help guys hope it might help someone else.
  2. I have stripped the gearbox. I found that the cam plate rollers have been welded to the shift forks. I also found some wear on second gear on the mainshaft. It looks like second locks four gear to the shaft(?). Can anyone tell me if this gear looks worn on the end. The gears seem to rounded off at the end. Also what is the diameter of a new cam plate roller and how wide are the tracks on the cam plate for the rollers to run.
  3. Thanks Stef I think I will just have to strip the box and have a look. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi Guys, I have finally got the triumph on the road only problem now is it is jumping out of four gear. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas what would cause this before I pull the gear box apart or if it is something I can check with out pulling the gearbox out of the bike. It will still jump out of gear if hold the gear lever up. It stays in gear for a minute then jumps out. I am thinking it is in the shaft itself or the bushings on the shaft. Cheers Sean
  5. Thanks for the info Ron. I will look for the build date.
  6. Thanks for the help have been in contact with Geoff. I have found my bike has early T150 valves fitted to it for some reason. Got some valves so the head will be back soon so I can get the bike back together and take it out for a ride. Does anyone know how to identify when this bike was built the frame number is TL36648?
  7. Hi, does anyone know where I can get valves, valves springs and valve guides for a 1943 Triumph 3HW.
  8. Hi guys just joined up. Just got myself a 1943 Triumph 3HW. It has been civilianised. Just hoping to get some help to get it running. Not sure yet if I will leave it as is or paint back to army colours. The frame number is TL36648
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