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    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    The venue is not a problem and to be honest it does not have to be in KENT. But I must agree the Racecourse was great for a lot of people. The problem is having an owner who cares what people think.......i will leave it at that.
  2. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    cant help thinking this whole show is going to end in tears,,,,,,,,
  3. gas 44

    First registration..

    Yes if its never been registered you will need a NOVA number, the DVLA will check this for sure.
  4. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Yes I agree and understand,I was just pointing out that it was not how it read on an earlier post that MAY have been edited.
  5. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I agree with you but that is NOT how it seems to read from Nick JOHNS post.
  6. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I have looked again at the online booking form, am I missing what you are say because, If book my 1st vehicle its £35 FOR 2 adults passes and 2 nippers I then bring a 2nd vehicle, NO CHARGE but have to pay £30 pounds each for the driver and passenger total £60 Am I not reading something or am I stupid, or have you not understood the booking system.
  7. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I cant see the charges for extra crew, Im sure they are not going to loose money on this though.......
  8. gas 44

    1945 Willys Jeep

    Its not the condition , people do all sorts of things to their vehicles, and have every right to do so. But there is no way the MVT should have dated that as a "45" the glearing thing is wrong engine, trannie pedals,, need I go on. if it I had made that purchase I would asking some very uncomforable questions.......like did the inspector have a whit stick.
  9. gas 44

    Storage in Northants

    Had a couple of PM's about this but contacts have not followed up. Any interest please pm 1st I will then give you my phone number, Im sure everyone understands i will not post detailed info on here.
  10. We some storage available in Northamptonshire please contact by PM in 1st instance.
  11. gas 44

    1945 Willys Jeep

    Lot 1925 I just dont get this one at all. it states it has a dating letter from the MVT stating its a "45" really ????? did the verification officer have their eyes closed during the inspection.
  12. gas 44

    Storage in Northants

    Available, i thought i had put that sorry.
  13. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    To be honest i think that depends what your name is...... The new show owners say a lot.......but don't always do a lot.......
  14. gas 44

    WW2 Willys Jeep

    I think you will find a jeep is worth what ever some one is prepared to pay.
  15. gas 44

    Normandy D Day 2018 events

    Thanks for the heads up Chris.....
  16. gas 44

    WW2 bomb trolley wanted

    Don't you just love it when somebody posts a nice picture....then spoils it buy sticking "proof" all over it and asking for help. Do they think people will steal their soul..........
  17. gas 44

    Wanted used canvas mb jeep

    how used do they need to be ?
  18. gas 44


    Who runs this show, are any of them ex Rex Cadnam
  19. Good evening, a short time ago there was a question re mirrors on here. Before I replied I did some "searching"........but did not save......grrrrrrrr Now I am looking for the post war rectangular mirror fitted to GMC's and DODGES......I just cant find where I found them Please does anyone know where i might find them. (feeling pretty stupid now) Thanks in advance
  20. gas 44

    Rectangular mirror

  21. gas 44

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    Removing the polsten from the trailer should be done VERY carefully. Its hard to describe how to do it here but you really need 4 able bodied men to attempt it without anyone getting hurt. out of interest what are you towing it with.
  22. Thank you, as i said very impressed with the show,I'll be back next year. I was'nt saying the vehicle were not there.....just the programme did not show that amount....... I ask this out of interest,how many...more or less of the "booked" vehicle are no shows ??
  23. This year was my 1st visit to this show and really enjoyed it........but all the bumf lead me to believe there was 400+ vehicles there. Now to be fair i did'nt go count them all but the programme showed i think about 170.....Can anybody confirm the numbers attending, Thanks.
  24. hi that sounds great but our group are already committed over that weekend. But would be delighted to visit your museum on our tour.Thanks
  25. Hi i have a small band of MV owners would like to visit some wartime sites around Suffolk?Norfolk,I'm thinking airfields. I just need some one in that area that could give some advice as to what to see and where to visit. looking at next year over a weekend, we will drive vehicles and B&B whilst there. ANY help would very welcome. Thanks