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  1. Amazing items. Especially the jacket. How did it survive the decades and moths?
  2. Being a Dutchman I am saddened I can't sign. Especially since I know BEF veteran and Dunkirk evacuee Jeff Haward MM personally and have transported him at a Dutch commemoration in the Dodge.
  3. Again, amazing workmanship.
  4. Being a hobby helmet restorer myself I must admit you're donig a good job there.
  5. I like those led lights. What a difference that must make.
  6. Well done on the progress. Hopefully things will speed up now.
  7. So, HOW did you make it, looks great.
  8. I once painted the canvas top of a Jeep with NATO paint IIRC. Seemed to work fine without cracking or other problems.
  9. Good to hear it wasn't the worst case scenario.
  10. Amazing project. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh one day.
  11. The snow here wass gone very fast. A MV in the snow on a Sunny day makes for good photo's.
  12. Looks great, I like to see stuff like that. Any fun or interesting bits in the manuals?
  13. Listing is closed…. AND its back; https://www.ebay.ca/itm/153359221697?ViewItem=&item=153359221697
  14. Yep, that's a good looking tank. Brings back memories of me building tanks, trauck and airplanes.
  15. Yep, its sitting ON the Gold Train...
  16. Am I the only one who hears The terminator soundtrack in his mind?
  17. Ah maybe get a anti-sleighcraft pooper-scooper gun?
  18. At least they kept safety and exhoust problems in mind when writing the manual. But reading Tony's post I get the idea he might be hit by a Mk2 Reindeer clusterpoo bomb….
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