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  1. Enigma

    British Army Robot Wars

  2. Enigma

    British Army Robot Wars

    Am I the only one who hears The terminator soundtrack in his mind?
  3. Enigma

    Santa's Sleigh questions

    Ah maybe get a anti-sleighcraft pooper-scooper gun?
  4. Enigma

    Santa's Sleigh questions

    At least they kept safety and exhoust problems in mind when writing the manual. But reading Tony's post I get the idea he might be hit by a Mk2 Reindeer clusterpoo bomb….
  5. Enigma

    Painting, Spraying or Brushing

    I like to use a roller if possible. But then again I don't have a garage or anything like that to spray anyway.
  6. Enigma

    C type back from sandblasting

    Looks simple enough...right?
  7. Enigma

    US paint colour

    I also made some pennants and decided to use textile paint, more work but looks good and doesn't bleed.
  8. Enigma

    US paint colour

    Those look good. I made a cotton one with felt crosses only to find out sometimes in the rain the crossed bled a little. How I ronic a red cross flag bleeding red...
  9. Enigma

    My 2018 Season In Pictures

    Yes, I do read these reviews and enjoy them. Good to see the effort and fun you put in these events.
  10. Enigma

    Diamond T identity help

    Well spotted, I had to look for it.
  11. Enigma

    US paint colour

    Out of interest, are the flags white cotton with felt/wool crosses?
  12. Enigma

    My Flying Control Jeep

    They do tend to rust in the usual places. Good work repairing those parts.
  13. Enigma

    Something to thin about. Please take the time to watch it.

    I agree,a war may be over in the fields but for lots of people war rages on in the mind.
  14. Enigma

    1944 leather jerkin

    For me it worked but I see your point. Normally I first use moisturiser and then a grease treatment for waterproofing. But then again I don't know everything about leather so am willing to learn.
  15. Enigma

    whatever happened to.....

    Funny, I was wondering the same thing last week.
  16. Enigma

    1944 leather jerkin

    Leather is skin. What do you put on your skin? Basically a after sun moisturiser, what you put on you after a sunburn or dry skin. Don't use greasy stuff which repells water. Moisturising is the trick. I learned this in a museum workshop.
  17. Enigma

    Ghost statue

    Very impressive. Must be quite eerie at night.
  18. Enigma

    Lancaster crash, finding relatives.

    Thanks so much for your reply. Last Saturday we went to the plaque with a great niece of Blanchard after we went to visit Blanchard's grave. I placed paper Poppy petals at the 7 graves from this Bomber, the 8th was Canadian and buried in Groesbeek.
  19. I live near the little village of Heerewaarden and work in the local visitorscentre. On the 22nd of June 1944 a Lancaster bomber crashed between Heerewaarden and the Fort. All 8 crewmembers died. A witness was a young boy (Wim) who saw the bomber enveloped in flames coming down and exploding and Wim is a volunteer in the visitorscentre in Heerewaarden. He hoped at least 1 or more had survived but I had to tell hime none did. He was allways dissapointed the crew who died weren't remembered or honoured by a monument, plaque or similar. A local man took up the idea to research and get things started with help from Heidie of the visitors centre. I am also asked to help out a bit to get something organised . Hopefully next May we unveil something to commemorate these man on or next to a existing WW2 monument But it would be great to be able to find family, descendants or maybe even former collegues of these men. So below is basic info about the plane, flight and importantly the men who lost their lives. Help very appreciated. Lancaster LM570 Heerewaarden. Serial Number LM570 22nd June 1944 Serial Range LM303 - LM756. This aircraft was one of 350 Lancasters ordered from A.V.Roe (Yeadon) as Mk.111s except for the first ten as Mk.1s (LM301- LM310), delivered from October 1942 to October 1944. The Mk.1s had Merlin 20 engines and the Mk.111s Merlin 38 engines initially installed. LM570 was delivered to 106 Sqdn 13 May 1944. LM570 also took part in the Key Raid against Dortmund 22/23 May 1944. When lost this aircraft had a total of 90 hours. LM570 was one of two 106 Sqdn Lancasters lost on this operation. See LL955. Airborne 23:15hrs 21 June 1944 from Metheringham. Outbound, shot down by night-fighter Hptm.Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow 1./NJG1 and crashed at Heerewaarden. Seven are buried in Uden War cemetery.Sgt C.E.Scott has been re-interred in the Canadian War cemetery at Groesbeek. -F/O K.G.Bellingham KIA Pilot. 05-A-02 -S/L A.J.Loughborough KIA 2nd Pilot. 05-A-04 -Sgt J.W.Blanchard KIA Flight Engineer 05-A-05 -F/S H.Gavin RAAF KIA Navigator. 05-B-13 -F/S L.Toomey RAAF KIA Air Bomber. 05-A-03 -Sgt A.Goodacre KIA Wireless Operator / Air Gunner. 05-A-06 -Sgt S.J.Malaband KIA Air Gunner. 05-A-01 -Sgt C.E.Scott RCAF KIA Air Gunner. XV-E-08
  20. So,.....did you find a tank already?
  21. Enigma

    WW2 treasure hunters

    I've finally seen the Covenanter episode and liked it. Rick was mentioned several times although in the show it sounded like he was part of the TV team. Still, not bad.
  22. Enigma


    Love those tanks, had a motorised model of it once.
  23. Enigma


    very nice halftrack. I bet Ww2 vehicle fans will scratch their heads when seeing that.
  24. Enigma

    Thornycroft Victory Parade 1918

    Interesting photo's! Wouldn't the 1st vehicle overheat with a flag covering the radiator.