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  1. Enigma

    BBMF visit, wrong side of the fence.

    Nice, I'd like to visit that.
  2. Enigma

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    That convoy is amazing. I'd love to see something like that over here. Well done on attending with the Autocar and good luck on the Thorny.
  3. Enigma

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I had a good show. It was too hot but that's nobodys fault. Still better than the rain and cold of last year. So a 8 to me, a lot had to do with meeting old friends and getting to know new people. I had the idea there was hardly any traffic in the America's field during viisitors hours but also in the evening. We were in the middle-ish of the field, not on the main road. In the evenings it seems to be only the themed convoys like the tanks or german vehicle convoy and some minor movements. We hardly saw any people walking around the whole day, allmost exclusively exhibitors walking to the staal and back, to the toilets atc.
  4. Enigma

    Pictures of Camo on your tank

    That's a big net. Just remove cat before cutting. I tried to find a fhoto of a Dodge I had camouflaged in a short time so I could spend the night in it unnoticed. It was parked on a grassfield at the end of a popular street for pubs and such. It worked so wel a guy who was googling a couple having seks at night on that field, he never knew he was less than a foot next to my cabin. I should have yelled "boooo".
  5. Enigma

    Another DUKW accident

    Its a 2013 article, any recent info whether this was the one of the accident? Edit, A 2016 article; http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=node/4323
  6. Enigma

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Here a link to W@PR site with maps. https://warandpeacerevival.com/show-layout-and-maps/
  7. Enigma

    How to find a members list?

    Thanks Degsy It may indeed have something to do with the privacy laws.
  8. I probably overlook it but didn't we have a complete forum member list somewhere?
  9. Enigma

    H test pointers

    Would it be possible to bring someone extra as a commander (safety perseon) for the test??
  10. Enigma

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I meant the organisors don't seem to care about what people bring, as long as payment is made.
  11. Enigma

    Ford v8 Special conversion

    That's a good looking model. Well done.
  12. Enigma

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    About mixing wrong and right vehicles. I agree in principle but don't forget most of these mixes occur when friends camp together. At Folkestone it was supposed to be WW2 and post war seperated. But how would that work if 1 friend has a WW2 Jeep and another a landrover? So would our little group have to break up? And yes, booking and paying is the important thing, not what you bring. I was quite surprised last year to see caravans and vehicles mixed but it seemed to not be a problem. At Folkestone my friend had to cover his "claasic' vehicle because he was in the Ww2 field. When entering he was told to park anywhere. A official said only "mint and concourse condition" vehicles were allowed as classics and his was just a "old car", (Ok, it was a 1984 renault 5.) what a joker he was...guess he was a little man with a bit of power who just wanted to be OBEYED.. So we bought expensive materials to cover up but the big blue German truck was left as is even though Little %$#$@ said he'd do something about that one too. And maaaany more vehicles too. Why didn't you just go up to the UN guys for a talk? Still I do get your point.
  13. Enigma

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Just a few observations. Toilets , in the America's field where you enter were ok. None of those, "look at Poo Mountain when you enter". Mostly toilet paper available. A toilet block (white building) would have been nice. When we arrived in America's field all seemed roped off. We went to a official at the entrance of US field and he was very helpful, we got a good spot. There seemed to be a lot of showers near the stone building. The Hop farm itself should built a showerblock at the America's field. We were glad to see a waterpoint in the America's field. Anyway, a few showers in the America's field would have been nice. So at least in my view some improvements over last year.
  14. Enigma

    Another DUKW accident

    What a tragedy.
  15. Enigma

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    That's dissapointing. He may have had somthing happen to make him act that way but its still no way to talk to someone. Hopefully he'll realise his behaviour isn't hospitable and decides to better himself.
  16. Enigma


    May they rest in peace.
  17. Enigma

    Guy Martin

    I've seen several episodes of him breaking speed records. I am not a speed freak but his enthousiasm is contagious.
  18. Enigma

    The "Holy Grail" of Jeep Collectors

    Lovely display item.
  19. Enigma

    VIP toilets

    I first thought they were taking the Pee out of me Aardapelen afgieten.bmp
  20. Enigma

    Unique German WW I tank restoration

    Looking great. It was influnced by the Whippet?
  21. Enigma

    Ju188 recovery

    I suppose I should see a photo? None is visible.
  22. They do seem to make you jump through hoops. Lets hope you get it sorted soon.
  23. Enigma

    Smock combat camouflage windproof.

    The extra stitch holes may have happened because the thread had broken and was done over where it missed.
  24. Enigma

    Unique German WW I tank restoration

    Well done. Good to see and hear it moving under its own power.
  25. So, last year we arrived on the Saturday before the show finding allmost everything fenced off. This year we also arrive the Saturday before the show (21st) A official found a tiny spot for us and luckily the French neighbour gave some of his plot. We were at least very happy to see the plot next to us being used for about 30% used for the entire show. Very ^%$%$# annoying. So can anyone reserve a spot for us. Driving over to claim a spot a week before is impractible for us Dutch people. The same for our Devon/Cornwall based friend. We prefer our old spot we were in for about 14 years. Its in the America's field, on the right when entering it, second road to the right. Right next to the road would be fine, we don't mind some dust or mud next to us. I guess about 10 by 10 METER(ish) should be fine?. I attached a photo with the prefered spot marked. Thanks for anyone able/willing to help. A sign with "Camp Kohout, NL/GB", would be ideal. Thanks for considering.