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  1. I agree with above although judging a future market is a bit of a dark art. Bring someone knowledgeable when inspecting the jeep
  2. I continue to be amazed by the skill you display on this project.
  3. I know the owner, met him on several events. Hopefully it was insured for total loss.
  4. Yes, I am interested if you accept a Albanian cheque and ship through Parcel post to my home in the Ukraine.😁
  5. You're forgiven Degsy. We all make mistakes, even me.
  6. A Chevy should have a closed cab. I presume someone grafted a GMC cab on it then?
  7. Surprised to see a Dutch Daf 126 so far from here. What is that 2 axle GMC looking truck?
  8. Thanks for the reply. There are more things in life than military vehicles (I am told). Take it easy and succes when you continue.
  9. Any updates? I love this project.
  10. Cafe Rene, named after Allo Allo?
  11. Nice, looks good. Guess model building pays of on a 1:1 scale.
  12. Love it. So much more different than a standard tamiya kit.
  13. Looking good. Its a nice vehicle.
  14. I was wondering. Couldn't it be possible to remove seat backrest altogether and affix something similar directly to the wheel arch behind the seat?
  15. When arriving on the Saturday I was surprised to find big open area's in the America's field. We had a good spot near the spot we used to camp. Toilets, to my surprise they were stocked with toilet paper every time I went and they were quit clean. Also noticed less re-enactors, Tracked vehicles, and less traders. Also the abscence (for some years) of the big MV collectors like SDKFZ (Wheatcroft). Unfortunaltely the bad weather prevented the Lancaster over flight. I loved to see a Fieseler Storch earlier in the week. Never seen it before. Last year I stayed in our camp but this year I went to the concerts next to the area. Much nicer than standing around in a beer tent. I enjoyed the music. I heard that this years all re-enactors had to pay, is that true? Anyway I agree with Paul about Brexit. ( I'll not go into politics). I can imagine some mainland traders not booking early because of the uncertainty of the actual date. Maybe some MV owners also stayed away and went some where else. I myself was wondering what would have happened if Brexit was done last May. Depending on the outcome would I have to give a invertory of what I had in the car? Would there be huge delays because of checks etc. Luckily for ME no Brexit yet. But next year could be a deal breaker for traders. If they had to pay import taxes and have lenghty border checks a lot will stay away. My W&P...I had fun. Meeting old friends like Markheliops, Gritineye, Martin H. is always good. Made a few new friends. Bought some bits. Enjoyed the live music. Seen some beautiful ladies walking about. Enjoyed seeing the Storch. Sweated like a leaky radiator on a inflatable couch, trundled through the mud. AND, enjoyed the ride in the Saurer of Andy. So, It was a good year.
  16. Could have been, especially when washing wool on high temps. 😁
  17. One of the usual events is the para drop on Ginkel heath on 21 september in Ede. Operation Market Garden 2019, big event. Military vehicle column and more; https://omg2019.nl/en/ We are still hoping to recreate the Waalcrossing at Nijmegen bridge in WW2 wooden boats and repro uniforms, paddling across. But it depends on permits and such.
  18. I was there but missed out on the ambulance.
  19. Good luck on the resto, and don't forget to have fun doing it.
  20. Clever! Goes to show its not always neccessary to buy new.
  21. Thought I had gotten away with it.
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