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  1. Enigma

    Cable reel

    Nice. I saved it from the scrapheap! After checking more closely I found the tweetybird on the right of the date!
  2. Thanks David. I also thought it might have been a spare. As far as I know only this one was found which makes it plausible.
  3. Enigma

    Cable reel

    I have this handheld cable reel, dated 1934. So I am wondering if its military or civvie?
  4. Nice! Love the details like the windscreen where the wipers have cleaned it partly.
  5. Thanks Adrian. I knew someone would identify the tracklink soon here.
  6. So...my cousin has aquired these and wondered if they are German. Also, is the metal plate identifiable? Thanks.
  7. So the moral of the story is to check your nuts....🤣
  8. Attaboy!!! Even worse...I only had the Dodge for a short time and this was my first event. After I noticed the loose wheelnut and checked I discovered 18 out of 20 were completely loose or had to be tightened. Damn, it could have gone wrong....
  9. Well spotted but not what I mean. BTW, I call it Wilhem, spoken in German it sound like wheelhelmet in Dutch , been on various vehicles for years as loot. Its more of a risky thing I am referring to.
  10. ...No, not that the bonnet is up. look closely. Winner gets a attaboy.
  11. The jeep on the right had the same black star on the bumper.
  12. A bit too soon I guess but will ask anyway... When completed, what kind of look do you want. As new or used?
  13. Enigma

    New project

    Which part of the Netherlands is it going to?
  14. Ok, it wasn't VE day but Liberation day (5th of May, Netherlands). With the events for that day cancelled I didn't just want to let it pass without doing anything and took the Dodge for a drive.
  15. Even if it goes ahead there is a small chance people from abroad might not be able to go because of travel restrictions. Still its a few months so things may change before that.
  16. Amazing attention to details.
  17. Good luck! I hope it will be ok.
  18. Weird times indeed. We are under restrictions in the netherlands. Trying to keep distance while shopping is difficult, some people just are stupid. I have sometimes a bit of a smokers couch (never smoked!), so am afrain to couch while outside in fear of starting a panic stampede. So I travel to Backyardville, Islamabathroom and Balconia. It does give me time to finish my Galactica models...🙂 Anyway, stay safe all and hopefully we'll be able to pick up where we left off soon.
  19. Again amazing work, what a skill set you have. Soon you'll drive around yelling in German to get out of the way...
  20. The link doesn't work for me. Maybe because I am in the Netherlands?
  21. Only just saw this. Very sorry to hear he passed away. We spend some time during A&E 2012. IIRC we also went to the pub. When he fell ill some years ago I contacted him a few times for moral support. Quite recently I thought about him and considered contacted him and I guess I forgot. Please convey my sincere condoleances to his son and sorry for not knowing it earlier. I think its him on the left in the photo? To Degsy, Rest in peace.
  22. Good to hear things are getting up to steam. Enjoy and hopefully I'll be able to visit in the future.
  23. 15 years sounds very good to me. I once drove the Dodge on a tuesday and on the friday after that the battery was completely dead. Luckily I had a old spare that was just good enough.
  24. Welcome A jeep is simple enough although electrics is a bit of black magic to me. Have fun with your jeep!
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