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  1. Hi Recently on MLU there was a thread and link to the Commonwealth Vehicle Data Book prepared for the D-Day Invasion to give a basic guide. http://wartimecanada.ca/document/world-war-ii/driving/vehicle-data-book You may find what your looking for, if that fails there is a book that covers all the different CMP bodies. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi David May I ask a couple of posibly silly questions? I'm not familiar with DAF but have been playing with MVs for lot of years on and off road. Does the DAF have different tyer pressures for listed for on and off roads? One of my MVs a 3 ton cargo when running empty and road tire presure will not climb one hill on my property. But drop the tire preasure down to the off road presure and it climbs out. When the same truck is loaded with couple of tons of fire wood it doesn't care what tire presure it just climbs the hill. Non-directional tires as used on US and Canadian trucks seem tobe very sensitive to tire preasure in mud and snow. Unplowed two feet of snow my trucks in 4x4 just plain go, plow it down to a smooth snow surface they will slip. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi Paul First do you want the paint to last or do you want to repaint every 5 to 10 years? The problem is the flattener used in OD is a porous matierial that lets water into the paint. Hardner make the paint dry quicker, get hard quicker and hardner by itself tends to make the paint shinny thus figthing the flattener. One approach that I have been using for nearly 40 years is as follows: First color coat is NON flattened enamal of chosen color with hardner added. Gives good sealer coat and shinney finish. Second color coat is where you add the flattener, the trick is to put the second coat on at the minimum time between coats this give a very good bond of the two layers. Now having said this and gotten very good results on a number of trucks over the 40 years, I've also used very good paint mostly Dupont Centary. I've gotten a very close match to the original colors on my CMP HUP, if anybody wants the Dupont paint mix numbers will be glad to share them. One last point with this approach is that the color match is from one batch to another is very good, even with paint 5 years apart. One of the advantages that I have noted with using this approach is that the paint jobs with hardened first layer seem to resists scratches from brush on trail rides. Hope you will this information helpful
  4. Many thanks for posting the link to SAAF web site, tons of interesting photographs, besure to follow the links back to the main page of the site for even more photos and information. If you are interested in CMPs there are lots of great photos showing them being used. Most important the whole site gives you a rare glimps into how these men spent the WWII and how hard the living conditions were this was not living in an nice baracks. These young men are our fathers, grand fathers. Cheers Phil
  5. Hi Nick Photos please, love this type of event. Here in New England we call them Fall Foliage Tours. Cheers Phil
  6. Hi You mentioned dual tanks, one source of problem is the fuel selector valve leaking air. Seems to be more of a problem as you get near the bottom of the tank as the pump is suckling harder. Diagnostic trick I used was putting a section of clear tubing in the line so the air bubbles could be seen. My experience came from similar problems on CMP 3 ton with dual tanks, and after much searching found the source of the air leak around the stem of the selector valve. Cheers Phil
  7. If they get to the point of dropping the sump, it will be interesting to see what they find. Dealing with antique engines the only thing similar was engines that had a sump full of sludge, remove the drain plug nothing comes out. Not to be really snarky but are they sure the dip stick they are checking is from the same sump as the drain plug? Like maybe transmission dipstick an engine sump? Cheers Phil
  8. Very clever, is this original? Thanks for sharing Cheers Phil
  9. Hi Well it is spring and the beginning of the MV (antique vehicle) driving season. So yes it is time to give your vehicle a through saftey inspection. This should be happening reguardless of requirements for MOT, DOT etc. inspection. It just takes a couple of examples of MVs or other antique vehicles having break failure in a parade with injuries resulting and stuff is going to hit the fan. I will agree when we had required inspections here in New Hampshire, the people at the inspection station had no idea how inspect my military vehicles, they just were not qualified to do it properly. In every case over a 20+ year period of these sham inspection I got inspection stickers without them inspecting or at most they would ask to see if the lights worked. Our state system now exempts all vehicles over 40 years old. Unfortunately I have seen a number of cases when brakes on military vehicles involved in Club events had brake failure. Run aways on long hills while traveling in convoy, inability to stop at stop lights. Some cases it was the same owner who just could not grasp the concept that they had to repair, adjust or replace their brake system. Strange that they never noticed that after the 2nd brake failure that a couple of us with big trucks always seemed to be in line ahead of them in parades or convoys we figured it was better for them to run into us instead of somebody driving a Jeep. One of our long time CCKW drivers recommends the following. "Everytime you start your truck, while it is warming up a little STAND ON THE BRAKES" his logic is it far better to have the peddle go to the floor while you are sitting still. As part of my own spring inspection is test my brakes on our dirt road, on a straight section at 30MPH I stomp on the brakes just hard enough to lock the brake, then release pull over and looks at the marks did all four wheels lock evenly. Thanks for bringing the topic up, you just gave me the topic for my Tech Tips section of our clubs newsletter. Cheers Phil
  10. Hi Do you have a website for the event? Reason I ask is like to include interesting events which are 5 to 6 months out in our local MV club newsletter. Gives our local members a feeling for what's going on around the world. Never know when someone will be traveling. Should probably say our local club draws it's members from New England and eastern Canada. Cheers Phil
  11. CMP-Phil


    Hi What is the name of the book? So the rest of us can avoid a poorly fact checked book. In the defence of the author it might have been the publisher who inserted an extra or "better " photo. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi Often trying to find this type of matierials directly from the company or thier wholesalers is a lost cause because they want to sell you a entire sheet, large enough to make hundreds diaphragms or gaskets which costs maybe hundreds if not thounsands of dollars. Try instead to find an end user of the matierial, as Ron suggests, that might have the matierial and be willing to sell small amounts. Or as I have had happen the guy reaches in to the scrap bin grabs a chunk to small for their use and gives it to you. Carry a photo of what you are working on to peak their interest, works good on MV stuff, amazing how many veterans out there. Cheers Phil
  13. Hi As I have not figured out how to find locations, what country are you located in? If you are in the states send me private message, we got a machinist in our club who turning out and selling some very good replicas. Pretty sure he does not sell outside the US. Cheers Phil
  14. Yup, looks more like home. Thanks for all the hard work. Cheers Phil
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