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  1. Hi Well it is spring and the beginning of the MV (antique vehicle) driving season. So yes it is time to give your vehicle a through saftey inspection. This should be happening reguardless of requirements for MOT, DOT etc. inspection. It just takes a couple of examples of MVs or other antique vehicles having break failure in a parade with injuries resulting and stuff is going to hit the fan. I will agree when we had required inspections here in New Hampshire, the people at the inspection station had no idea how inspect my military vehicles, they just were not qualified to do it properly. In every case over a 20+ year period of these sham inspection I got inspection stickers without them inspecting or at most they would ask to see if the lights worked. Our state system now exempts all vehicles over 40 years old. Unfortunately I have seen a number of cases when brakes on military vehicles involved in Club events had brake failure. Run aways on long hills while traveling in convoy, inability to stop at stop lights. Some cases it was the same owner who just could not grasp the concept that they had to repair, adjust or replace their brake system. Strange that they never noticed that after the 2nd brake failure that a couple of us with big trucks always seemed to be in line ahead of them in parades or convoys we figured it was better for them to run into us instead of somebody driving a Jeep. One of our long time CCKW drivers recommends the following. "Everytime you start your truck, while it is warming up a little STAND ON THE BRAKES" his logic is it far better to have the peddle go to the floor while you are sitting still. As part of my own spring inspection is test my brakes on our dirt road, on a straight section at 30MPH I stomp on the brakes just hard enough to lock the brake, then release pull over and looks at the marks did all four wheels lock evenly. Thanks for bringing the topic up, you just gave me the topic for my Tech Tips section of our clubs newsletter. Cheers Phil
  2. CMP-Phil

    French Traffic Regulations - important changes

    Must read, just plain funny Cheers Phil
  3. Hi Do you have a website for the event? Reason I ask is like to include interesting events which are 5 to 6 months out in our local MV club newsletter. Gives our local members a feeling for what's going on around the world. Never know when someone will be traveling. Should probably say our local club draws it's members from New England and eastern Canada. Cheers Phil
  4. CMP-Phil


    Hi What is the name of the book? So the rest of us can avoid a poorly fact checked book. In the defence of the author it might have been the publisher who inserted an extra or "better " photo. Cheers Phil
  5. CMP-Phil

    Fuel pump diaphram material

    Hi Often trying to find this type of matierials directly from the company or thier wholesalers is a lost cause because they want to sell you a entire sheet, large enough to make hundreds diaphragms or gaskets which costs maybe hundreds if not thounsands of dollars. Try instead to find an end user of the matierial, as Ron suggests, that might have the matierial and be willing to sell small amounts. Or as I have had happen the guy reaches in to the scrap bin grabs a chunk to small for their use and gives it to you. Carry a photo of what you are working on to peak their interest, works good on MV stuff, amazing how many veterans out there. Cheers Phil
  6. CMP-Phil

    Replica .50 Cal

    Hi As I have not figured out how to find locations, what country are you located in? If you are in the states send me private message, we got a machinist in our club who turning out and selling some very good replicas. Pretty sure he does not sell outside the US. Cheers Phil
  7. CMP-Phil

    New (old) colors

    Yup, looks more like home. Thanks for all the hard work. Cheers Phil
  8. CMP-Phil

    Welcome back!

    Hi Joris Thanks for all the hard work moving the forum forward. Chaning to a new softward package or operating system is not easy. Now to the problem of adapting from the old layout to the new. Many of us are creatures of habit we look at forum we know where the tab we use all the time are, and may not even remember what it said. So how about a screen shot of the old forum page (tabs in particular) and the new forum page with lines connecting the old function with new function. Now on to enjoying the Forum in its new format. Again thanks Cheers Phil
  9. CMP-Phil

    1942 No 8 Ford (Blitz) Gun Tractor

    I like that explanation Cheers Phil
  10. CMP-Phil

    1942 No 8 Ford (Blitz) Gun Tractor

    Hi Great thread, always enjoy hearing about CMP family of vehicles. But got a question how did this thread end up under the Thread Heading "American Vehicles" Given the number of CMPs built do they deserve a separate heading? Perhaps something like Commonwealth Vehicle to recognize all the vehicle's produced? Being the nut in the USA who owns three restored CMPs and Im always explaining the story of these unique vehicles. Cheers Phil
  11. CMP-Phil

    Colouring for oil

    Hi One simple solution is to drill very small holes in the dip stick at the measure marks. The holes will retain the oil and is easier to see the level. This is a very old trick I first came across on Fords of the 40s seen it on several engings so it must have been a common trick. Cheers Phil
  12. CMP-Phil

    New Hampshire Member

    Hi James Your choice of heading is perfectly fine, particularly give that 59% of the Forum is from England. I just enjoyed the play on words being from the other side of the pond. Glad to hear that second generation in the MV hobby and still enjoying. Cheers Phil
  13. CMP-Phil

    New Hampshire Member

    Hello from member in New Hampshire, USA Hi James When I saw your title line just had to respond, welcome aboard the wonderful world of military vehicles. But from your post it looks like it may run in your family tree. Cheers Phil
  14. CMP-Phil


    Hi All With nothing to base this on but a truly synical point of view about the future of the internet, my guess is that this sudden action by Photobucket is a last gasp action before they go under completely. My recommendation to anybody who has photos stored with them is download all your photos and save them to your computer. Will bet anyone (one stale donut) that within one year Photobucket will be gone. Cheers Phil
  15. CMP-Phil

    WWII CMP FAT rear seats

    Hi They look like standard CMP front seats with different mounting lugs. Provide some measurements to confirm. Not that CMP front seats are much easier to find. Cheers Phil