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Military vehicles are not my line of country, but I thought y'all might be interested in a piece in the Coventry Telegraph this week, in which readers recall a World War 1 tank which was used as a war memorial. It stood on a concrete plinth in a park in the city centre from 1919 to 1936.


At that time there was some reason why it wasn't wanted there any more, so a mechanic from Daimler came round. He put some petrol in, and after 17 years it started first time, whereupon he drove it to another park, where it remained until 1942 - at which point it was driven off to be melted down for recycling.

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After WW1 a lot of towns were presented with these tanks, usually MkIV I think. The scrap metal drive in WW2 caused their dissapearance, some may have gone before as people did not want to be reminded of the Great War. The only one still in existance in the same place it was driven to in 1919 is in Ashford, Kent, where I live. The reason it survived was that it was converted to a sub-station until around the 1960's when the gear was taken out. I was able to view it inside recently when inspecting it regarding preservation work required.



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