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Any LRDG members still alive?


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As part of my research for a forthcoming documentary does any know of any surviving members of the LRDG who may be available for interviewing? I am trying to get some information as to navigation, SOPs, routine and daily life on patrols etc.





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As an aside, this Sunday at least six of their 'relatives', the Desert Rats, will be attending the memorial service at the High Ash Memorial site in Thetford forest. Vehicles courtessey NMVG and Suffolk area MVT, with 3,000 poppies to be dropped by Auster plane.

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Was this the same documentry I saw last night? About the LRDG and the SAS teaming up?


No Sorry, ours is still a year away- the amount of research and trying to find LRDG/Early desert SAS continues and time running out as these vets grow older.



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