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Pz III Stug Restoration


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Looking at the photos of the Stugs that were auctioned off this year in Finland for those incredible prices where on earth would you start?


Damaged hulls, No drivetrain, no engine, no interior, you might as well be building one from scratch! The one that went for 185k Euros, was that any better?

When you consider the spares and support situation for American Armour the one for German Tanks must be all but non-existant....

For those amongst us who have already restored WW2 armour, if you were to be gifted one of those Stugs or one of the Bulgarian PzIVs where on earth would you start? The major sticking points that I see would be the transmission and I presume the Maybach V12s aren't that easy (read impossible) to find.


Tiger 1: I read yesterday that KW is restoring the Tiger 1 from Aberdeen, Maryland, and truth in that rumour?

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I got you....:idea:

One has all the bits just requires a box for them to fit into....


Couple of years ago I dropped off a few castings for a new chassis at an Historic Vehicle restoration workshop in Shropshire, lovely people and the best fascility I have ever seen. The owner showed me around including the restoration project 'inbox'. This consisted of a pallet with a few fragments of body, chassis or engine and most importantly the chassis-body date plate and a requirement of what the owner wanted building out of the bits...or should I say what the owner wanted building from the dataplate :-)

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