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Salisbury Plain open day


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I attended an open day on salisbury plain a number or years back, and watched all sorts of vehicles being put through their paces.

I saw a land rover completely disappear under water in one bomb crater, while all of someones camping gear came floating out of the back of an MK in another.

Its also the only time I have seen Scammel explorers, matadors and martians playing in the mud.

It was a joy to behold.

My friend was an AWDC member so heard about it through them.

The MOD site hints that these vehicle open days still happen, but doesn't tell us when, anyone any idea ?




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Don't know about open days but our club (Solent Overlord) are finding out about open days at Imber, the village on the plain that, like Tyneham, got "borrowed" by the war office but never handed back at the end of the war.


Apparently there are shell-pocked buildings still standing and a lot of rusting and exploded vehicles so we are going to play a sort of "I-Spy with my little eye something beginning with - what the hell WAS that?"


Open days 6pm Fri 12/8/05 to 6 pm Sun 21/8/05 then 6pm Fri 09/9/05 to 6pm Sun 11/9/05 according to the text from my friend. I'll try to find a phone number in the next couple of days, will pm you, Rich as well as post in here

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