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Does anyone know roughly how much BSA M20's go for, and whether you have to be 21 or not to ride them? Don't know what cc they are, but theres only a certain amount of cc's a motorbike can have if you want to ride it while your under 21. Would like an M20, nice looking bikes and on the plus side it's a military vehicle.

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Hi Rlangham, The biggest CC you can ride while under 21 is 125CC with a CBT (compulseary bike trainning) licence, you ride around a car park full of cones basicly, try looking on http://www.ebay.co.uk and http://www.milweb.net , there used to be quite a few for sale every month but now they dont seem to be many at all, the BSA M20 is 500cc by the way.


Hope this helps.



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I would go along with the above. Panniers only seem to have become common after 1942 but if you want to portray NW Europe 1944 - 45 then you will need them.


Any 60 + year old motorcycle is going to be a steep learning curve. Do your research thoroughly first and go for originality. Most of the engine parts are available. It is original cycle parts that end up costing.


The best place for background info is probably Orchard & Madden's book and "Old Bike Mart" probably has the most small ads - A lot of the sellers of this type of bike are pre-computer and prefer a monthly paper. it is subscription only. They have a web-site.


Have a look too at Henk Joore's WM20 website.

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