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Dedicated military hospital petition


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This has just been brought to my attention


Just some background, 2 Para alone have on this tour sent back over 50 casualties to the UK and from one who has been to Selly Oak I know that many cannot be accommodated so when all of the casualties from other battle groups are added to the figure, how is ONE ward in an NHS hospital going to cope? It cannot cope, the individual troops are sent home to recover relying on NHS visiting services which themselves are over committed.

A lot more than 5000 names are needed for this petition and quite cynically, Downing Street has put a time limit of one month for this to be achieved.



Do what you can. Please copy the link below to confirm your signature on the petition at the bottom of this email'




http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Wounded/ the petition was created by Denzil Connick and reads:


'We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Create a dedicated Military &


Veterans Hospital within the UK.'



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