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Transporting Jeeps Long Distances

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My garage looks like this..........



.......so I don't have space for a flatbed trailer and my aircraft trailer.


I'm now planning a flat bed trailer with a lift off box along the lines of shipping containers, which will contain the aircraft. This will have extendable legs that will support it so that the flatbed can roll out from underneath to be used for transporting the jeep.



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Hi Stephen. You can see my efforts on the picture above.

Bumper is removed altogether and replaced with 2 cylinders machined from a JCB hydraulic ram and welded to plates that attach to the bumper mounts on the chassis legs.Through the cylinders is passed a piece of 3" gas pipe with an A frame of 3x2 box section and a 50mm cast ball coupling on the top just to round it off nicely. That is hidden under the sacking as it looks a little too new even though its painted.

Whole ensemble cost me £40 .

This is so strong it survived the little rolling excursion into the ditch unscathed.But may have been responsible for the extensive chassis damage!!

System is unbraked, but the towing vehicle is well on top of the job of stopping it.

I of course wouldn't dream of using it on the highway unless the Jeep was broken down, as with a broken down vehicle you don't need a braking system as it is not a trailer.

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there is reams and reams of stuff on (primarily) land rover sites about A frames and what is il/legal. I used to tow on an A frame as well and relied onthe 'broken down' vehicle excuse, if I was to be stopped (never was). God it was almost lethal sometimes. It pays to look into the legalities of A frames (just in case !)

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