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So, how smug am I.......!!


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Went off down to the Bovington tank museum today it is only about 20 minutes away and we visit there at least once or twice a year. Today was 'tanks in action' day and as it says on the tin....its tanks in action :shock:


They display and demonstrate a range of vehicles from different periods, loads of smoke and noise and wonderful and informative commentary. The guy was saying that the showground that we were standing in was the collection point for all of the tanks that came back from WW1......and then duly cut up for scrap :shock:


Here some pictures of the display and something special happened to me today and those pictures and details are further down.






This next picture is of Jess and his face says it all as we were flying around the track in a M548......an USA tracked vehicle.



Now for the special bit :shock: the family and I were stood talking to a WW2 Tank Commander and he was telling us how he was part of the BEF and was taken of the beaches at Dunkirk, he was then sent to the Far East and then he fought in North Africa and then with his crew worked his way up through Italy and ended his war in Germany after being blown out of two tanks :shock: . He then took a lump of shrapnel out of his pocket and placed it in our hands and this was the piece that was removed from his chest, it was about the size of a tea spoon and about an inch thick!


We always make a point of introducing ourselves to veterans and we always ensure that the kiddies talk to them as well and I always, without fail look into the eyes as I am shaking their hands and thank them for everything that they had done. Without doubt, they appreciate it even though it may make them a little uncomfortable.


As we were stood there taking the old Commander, the Sherman driver came up to me and said 'follow me' :shock: so I followed him thinking 'what does he want with me'. He stood me in front of the Sherman and said 'see that top hatch up there, just jump up on the tank and get in............I am going to take you for a ride' :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


I tell you, I was stunned, what had I done to be so privileged. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that I absolutely adore Sherman's, just to look at them is something special for me but for someone to offer me a chance of a ride, well that is something else.


What a machine and what an experience! The driver is a man called Ian, thank you Ian, you are something special and that moment will stay with me!!




Didn't need to be asked twice. This was the last picture as the camera was full :cry:




Ron Huggins WW2 Tank Commander, 85 years old and as proud as he ever was.



Strange how life goes sometimes.



Best wishes.




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Thanks for your brilliant report about Tanks in Action. Can I please use it for the Friends of the Tank Museum's Tracklink magazine for the February edition?


John Gillman, Tracklink Editor.


Please feel free John, it would be a pleasure!

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Good pics, i'd love to get down to Bovington one day, maybe in the Summer when I have my car. Isn't Jack Higgins the guy who commanded an A13 cruiser tank in France, and the museums A13 is marked up as his? Sounds like a great guy, i'd love to be able to meet him one day.

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Just an idea,......

how about a HMVF 'get together', at Bovi, :?: :?: somewhen, later in year,(once the shows are over)

Be a way of putting names to faces, etc.


The last time I was down there, I got talking to a 'tankie',- he was ex 79th div,- a crocodile flamer.......He only 'opened up', when I recognised the badge he was wearing,........a very brave, and totally genuine guy.


Great set of photo's.



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