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MVs in Ch4 tonight


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Didin't quite know where to post this but there's a docu drama on Ch4 tonight at 7.30 called 1983: The Brink Of Apocalypse.

There's several MVs in it included a Munga which had no brakes. I know this because I'm in it when it goes down a hill towards the camera and wouldn't stop!!! Our group was asked to be involves as we'd done several in the Lost Evidance for the same TV company the previous year. Not sure if it's any good as I haven't seen it of course. I'm the R Sigs officer who reads the radio transition script and another sodlier turns to him as says " I think you've just started WW3!" ( unless they cut it out).


There a big truck ( I only saw from a distance) plus some Russian cars too.



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