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French military truck prices around 1964 ???

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Hi all,

VERY long shot here, but I wonder if anyone has any prices for French Berliet trucks around 1964 / 1965. Or knows where I might find soemthing.

I've joined a number of French and Berliet groups, and the French don't really appear to have saved much in the way of brochures, prices, etc.

I've ready a couple of articles about the Berliet Aurochs (The French Stalwart) and they all talk about low sales figures of the Stolly. In reality of course, the mark 1 was £16,000 in 1964, an awful lot of money. The military journalists seem to think that the Stolly is like a DUKW, just another commercially available truck that's been modified to float - which of course it isn't. So I'm keen to show the price of the Berliet TBU and GBC to show the difference in value.

I've tried trawling the French newspapers, but can't even find adverts or reviews after 1950 for civilian Berliet trucks.


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