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mystery bicycle


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I have been playing around with a few old roadster frames as part of an educational workshop  on basic spannering .

One frame that I have done up had khaki drab under what was left of the paint on the bottom bracket and inside the headstock.

The paint on the bottom bracket had been heavily overcoated in gloss enamel.

I know that this is not a standard military bike  (MK 4, 5 etc) . It has a 24" frame with 28 inch wheels. I'd be interested to know what peoples thoughts were about its first incarnation in khaki.. I don't know  whether branches of the service just bought non military pattern bikes  in drab for just getting around bases or  the suchlike.

Please note that in the photos of the complete bike. only the frame, bars and forks are original. Everything else is from the parts bin and relatively recent. I have not painted over the interesting khaki bits.

Kind regards, John





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Thanks for the reply @jpw

My mistake, I should have been more explicit.

Different manufacturers place their serial numbers in different places, and can use different formats and fonts for them. When trying to identify a common triangular 'safety' frame, every little clue helps (and even then there's no guarantee that we can get it).

Please could you tell me where the number was, and/or better still, show a photo of it?


Best Regards,




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