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Driving in France and Carbon emmissions

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What is required for driving in France, with regard to getting a certificate to show your vehicles emmissions? Apparently the French Police will fine  drivers for not having the correct certificate. Does this affect Historic Registered Vehicles?

How will it hinder those going to D-Day commemorative events?

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A number of cities in France have now established clean air zones and to drive in these zones you must display a thing called a Crit’air sticker.  It is easy and cheap to apply for but, as there are rip-off merchants at large, be sure to only use the official website: https://certificat-air.gouv.fr/

You will need to upload a scan of your V5, from which they will determine the category into which your vehicle falls and send you the appropriate sticker. Costs about a fiver.

There’s no good news for owners of historic vehicles though; unlike the UK, France has no exemptions and if your vehicle is more than about 20 years old, it will not be eligible for a Crit’air classification and may not be driven in clean air zones.

The extent of the clean air zones and the rules applying to each are changing all the time, so Google is your friend here. The only zone that might affect you at present if travelling to Normandy is Rouen, which is a pain in the posterior if you wish to travel from Calais to the southwest and you don’t have a sticker. (Believe me, I know…)

I hope this helps.

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I guess France might celebrate the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Paris later this year and 'Mesuier Le Mayor' will wonder why no 'vehicles historique' have turned up in Paris, for the 'victory parade'

It will be the same in 20 years but will they ever celebrate 'zero carbon day'?

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