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Can anyone, please, help me sort these out?

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I have spent a lazy couple of hours trawling through IWM photographs, including a set which were specially commissioned, it seems, to record technical equipment held at COD Old Dalby.  Unfortunately, our trusty photographer was fine up to the point at which his camera ended.  Thereafter, he didn't seem to have a clue.  So, there are some great photos, but really dodgy captions.  The only one with a clear Census Number is also wrong in the Chilwell list: it is shown as a Brockhouse binned stores trailer which it clearly isn't.  So can anyone help me?


First off; apparerntly this is a wireless trailer.  Could it, in fact, be a Type Z Calibration & Repair of Telecomunications Equipment trailer?  And where are the good sergeant's legs?


Next up: the Brockhouse Binned Stores trailer:


You will see I have called it an electrical testing trailer, but I'm not sure that's right - it was one of the captions on one of the trailers.

Next is a welder or a generator, depending on which view you have, I don't know which as they seem to look alike, but I would plump for Welder:


Finally: are these all compressor trailers?


ATSatOldDalby.jpg.8c09a2900a4cd366a67a6d00ca3e220d.jpgWell may this good ATS sergeant look puzzled (a bonus picture from the collection!).


My thanks to the IWM for these.



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I'll see if I can help:

 - Yes, the almost mythical "Z-trailer". One is thought to exist, but not restored.

- Binned trailer

- Electrical Repair trailer

-  MUREX Welding trailer (the portable voltage regulator box sits on the front  bin

- Compressor trailer



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Thank you both,  Ah!  I now understand the visual difference between the generator and the welder - the box on the front!  And, no, I hadn't, Mark, but I'm not on Facebook and I see it is a private group.


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