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The Iron Curtain museum opening 4th May

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Ok after years of fighting the planning departments I have decided to open the museum on my business park. 

so we are opening on the 4th May.  The amount of work and space needed is vast.  We will do our best to display everything we have but it will take time.  We have about 6000 sq feet of units and two camp bastion tents and a few covered areas.  We will have a coffee shop serving basic food and tea and coffee plus a seating area.  We will have a rudimentary shop selling stuff including some outdoor wear.  It’s very exciting for us but it will take us at least a year to get fully operational.  And anyone who knows me it will never stay the same from week to week so will always be changing.  It will never be right.  Any advise given is always welcome.  Shut down however will not be listened too. And if we are voted the worst museum in the uk I will Cry.  But if we are we will endeavour to improve.

I will also be restarting the lectures again and am looking for interesting speakers.  The first talk will be a short review of the Cuban crises. Date to be confirmed we also have details on the Gary powers incident and possibly a talk about f4 phantom and  interception of a tu 95 bear stories etc.

anyway it is happening you will have to book online for now.  You can’t just turn up at the moment.  Please watch this space for booking details.

We are looking for volunteers of all kinds if anyone lives near Guildford get in touch.  All helpers welcome. No matter your skills. Shop assistants coffee shop cakes door duties vehicle cleaning repairs the list goes on forever. If you can give us any time it is brilliant.

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Today lance one of our volunteers helped me to take down one of the camp bastion tents ready for shipping to Guildford.  Thanks lance.

i have been donated ex army rapier launcher and missiles and am hoping these will be part of the BAOR display…which will be in the camp bastion tent with the Afghanistan war when Russia tried to beat the TALIBAN.  

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Have you heard of the podcast Cold War Conversations?
I have listened to many episodes and found almost all very interesting.

I just saw that the interviewer/owner Ian Sanders can be booked for talks: https://coldwarconversations.com/public-speaking/.

He also might have contacts with other people that might of interest.


Hope this helps!



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