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Austin K2 Markings for RAMC BEF and MEF



My first post on the forum so I apologise if it is a bit lengthy.

Now I have a bit more time on my hands I am trying to find some information regarding Austin K2 ambulances of WW2 in which my Father served as a Medical Orderly. Although there is some information on the internet about the K2, I am struggling with regard to the appropriate vehicle markings for where/when he served. I am hoping to build a couple of accurate K2 scale models and thought it would be good if their markings were appropriate.

My Father served with the RAMC BEF in France from the outbreak of war. He was luckily evacuated from Dunkirk (although the soldiers in front and behind him climbing onto the fishing boat were both killed doing so). From March 1941 until November 1943 he travelled extensively throughout most countries in North Africa in an K2 (Egypt/Libya etc.) with the RAMC MEF. He was also attached to a section of the LRDG whilst in North Africa for a brief period although I am unsure if this was with his K2 or another vehicle type.

He was in a K2 I believe whilst in France and certainly most of his service whilst in North Africa. Like many veterans he was selective in what experiences he spoke about. Light hearted events took precedence which is why my knowledge of his service and the K2's he served in is limited.
His military service ended with a medical discharge when he was shot through the knee by a Messerschmitt which had used the red cross on the roof of the K2 for target practice (which he said was a regular occurrence) whilst in the desert.
I do have his Army Service Records but unfortunately other than a signature by an Officer in 14th Division RAMC whilst in Africa there is little else to identify his actual unit, where he was at any particular time, or what markings were appropriate to the vehicles he served in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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the Austin K2Y ambulance markings change quite a bit during the war. there are records at Kew.

If you do not have any pictures it a bit hard, do not rely on the instructions given by the model supplier as to paint or year.

if you are doing an Austin K2Y model, these ambulances change on nearly a yearly basis's a 1940 austin is quite a bit different form a 1945 Austin or an Army rebuilt one,
Rob van meel (www.robvanmee.nl) books has a reprint of Vehicle Marking in the Middle East. 24th March 1944,

and a few othere books.

Just a mix of pictures next British, Australian , New Zealand.

off to war c1940




note the gas patch on the bonnet.

early Austin K2


North Africa Caunter scheme ( no red cross on rear body only the small Red cross plate as on the front)4036984.JPG.6ed15fc9d53acdd7921d1c645400af7f.JPG












well i could go on

message me if you want more pics.




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