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Land Rover Lightweight S3 FFR servicing after storage - help, what should I include?

Egg Bango

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Hi all,

I am pulling my petrol Land Rover Lightweight S3 FFR/24v out of sitting in storage for the last seven months. I am going to pump out the fuel tank and put new fuel in, but hopefully apart from that she will fire up and run.

I am also going to carry out a full service as she probably needs one. 

is there a service operations guide anywhere that tells me what I should service, or are any of you able to help guide me with a list?

Many thanks for any help.

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One problem I have found with  36IV after over-winter storage is that the carb top cover gasket , not having been wetted with petrol can cream cracker I have removed them in bits  abt. 6mmx6mm , the problem soon shows after just a few miles.

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The odd engine Test Certificate I have found in crate  :-

Duration of test - 1 hour  (light run only)

There is a big difference to be expected of performance,  when a cellulose gasket has had just a sniff of petrol from new and a gasket that has been soaked in petrol for several years and then allowed to dry out for 6 months.

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