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FV2301A 10cwt trailer

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I have accurate line drawings of both Mk1 and Mk2, both depict close fitting duck boards that look to need just a flat unobstructed floor.

That page from the 1954 FVRDE catalogue I believe is incorrectly labelled as Mk2. The swaged X sides were characteristic of Mk1, whereas Mk2 had plane sides. 

The same picture & description appears in the 1956 catalogue but with the reference to Mk2 deleted & now designated 2W/1L.

The same picture (although doctored) appears in the 1962 edition & called Mk1.

The details of the differences between the two Mks are covered in EMER WHEELED VEHICLES U 209 Misc Instr No.1 

If you tell me the contract I can tell you if it is Mk1 or Mk2.

To further complicate matter trailers FV 2301(A) 2W/1L were redesignated as FV 2308(A) Mk2, although there was no Mk1 in the FV 2308 series.

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Thanks Clive,

I appreciate your comments 

I was looking for a photo of the floor showing the position and appearance of any tie downs and drain plugs in the floor of the early Mk I FV2301A trailer with the X pressings in the sides.

The drawings you mention seem to show a number of (?)d-ring tie downs and other items, which I took to be drain plugs, beneath the duckboards..

I was also wondering if the join between floor and sides and between sides/front/rear panels was beefed up in any way.

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Simon yes I am sure your interpretation of the D-rings & drain plugs is correct.

There was beefing up on Mk1 for air cooling, generator & water tank roles. I have drawings of the individual support plates if you need them.



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