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dodge wc 54 radio car


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Yes, some Dodge 3/4 ton WC54 vehicles were indeed radio trucks. I cannot find the images I wanted, but I shall keep looking. I do however have an image from 1944 of a WC54 fitted with large speaker and antenna. 

I am a bit dis-organised as I am mid-move between houses. 

It is also possible your WC54 was repurposed post-war - although that is speculation as I have not seen it. 

I hope that helps. 




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Certainly the signals liaison vehicles which the British SIGINT service used to feed Ultra to senior US commanders used converted Dodge ambulances as cipher & comms vehicles.  In British HQ they apparently used the Guy 15cwt, but needed something which blended in better at US ones.  Not, though, that a Guy 15Cwt would have been that common at a British HQ I would have thought!  There is quite a lot of info about the Dodges in Geoffrey Pidgeon's "The Secret Wireless War", including some photos.  I'm sure the Dodge was used for many other purposes than ambulances merely because it was an extremely convenient sort of vehicle for a variety of uses.

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