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MkII HSAT British Para Helmet


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I’ve just acquired this incomplete MkII HSAT and I am currently mulling over how far to restore it. I wonder if anyone could help with the following questions:

- Unlike a 1955 dated example in my collection, there are no visible date / maker marks stamped on the shell. (Assuming they’re not concealed by rust) Does that mean it *could* be of wartime manufacture?

- Does anyone have any thoughts on what the markings stamped on the liner ring mean?

- Likewise, the painted markings on the front?

- What was the correct paint colour / texture of a WWII manufactured MkII HSAT? (I believe the colour became more green postwar)









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Hi @Enfield1940

The red square on the helmet is proabaly the Drop Zone /Tactical Recognition Flash (DZ/TRF) for 1st Batallion Parachute Regiment (1 Para).image.png.74162fff9c04e340c39e49ff3162c506.png

Below looks like AT/(?), which could be Anti Tank platoon.

The buckles are sometimes dated.

Best Regards,




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IIRC only 1942 para shells were dated. Later in the war no dates or brands. They resumed dating on the shell in the 1950's.

I am convinced your steel shell is WW2.

Never seen pics of those markings in the ring, interesting.


I wouldn't overpaint or strip the steel shell. Who knows what it turns out to be.

Keep in mind WW2 parahelmets were used long after the war.

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Thanks everyone. Interesting to give it a bit of history.

Unfortunately it has a significant amount of rust - especially to the interior. I’m currently thinking I may put some Oxalic acid in the interior and see to what extent it removes the rust but not the surviving paint. If it works well, I may dip the whole thing.

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