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Best coating for chassis

Piston Broke

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Advice please on the best way to treat a chassis during restoration.  Having read the pros and cons I've decided against powder coating, mainly due to the prospect of rust creeping under the coating.  What therefore is the best way to treat the chassis before applying the top coat of camo paint?

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In my experience, the best thing to do it to blast clean the chassis and have it primed immediately.  Then it is just a case of making sure that the subsequent coats are compatible.  If you look at my Scammell Contractor chassis (which is now at Capel) you will see that although it was blasted about 17 years ago, it is still quite good even where it has had some insults.  Most importantly, the rust does not seem to travel under the paint.


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I've used a lot of the built hamber range on a few different projects, and the electric primer is frankly amazing:


Always does very well in tests, and if you overcoat it with their 2 part epoxy it's about the best short of hot dip galvanizing it...


I used it the two on my old Porsche 944 sills, not a sign of rust right up until it got written off in a car park by a wayward honda civic 7 years later!


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