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Winter tyres in Germany - new laws from September 2024

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Hello everyone,

This topic is not so much about the law change, views of politics or if you agree, but advice for MV owners in a similar situation to myself.

In Germany you have winter and summer tyres, which has been commonplace for a long time. Usually in October you change your wheels over to winter tyres and remove them again for the summer ones around Easter. You can get around this by having all season tyres which you can use all year, but these do have to display the 'M+S' logo on the sidewall - that is Mud & Snow, not Marks & Spencers. From September 2024 a new law comes into play that tyres with M+S must also display the three peaks with snowflake logo, as seen below.

Here is my issue as a Land Rover owner - what tyres feature this logo currently? (G90s, XZLs, etc) that look correct on a military Land Rover? As I would really not like to add tyres that put the vehicle out of character and look more like a Range Rover with road tyres.

Any ideas?


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This is technically all roads within Germany. I am not sure people visiting even know this, I only did when I was visiting here before I moved as my partner is German. It seems only enforced if you are stopped and checked or have an accident, but is commonplace to have two sets of wheels for most people.

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