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432 brake band change in situ


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On 1/27/2023 at 5:56 PM, terryb said:

can this be done? anyone done it?



Yes easily. I have done this many times when i was serving as a VM. Before I remustered as an Armourer.  The only real common sense thing to do before starting the job. Is ensure the Steering box is cold! & have plenty of locking wire to secure all the bolt heads upon completion!

The adjustment of the bands is easy also. To check for CORRECT adjustment. The guide we AWAYS used was: Look at the cut out in the interior tan padding. Where the tiller levers sit in the forward position. unlocked. The tips of your fingers against the hull in this cut out. & pull a tiller back alongside your left hand uppermost. Adjust the squared headed adjuster on the steering box. Until the lever is alongside the base of your thumb. Tighten adjuster locking nuts. When adjustment is correct!



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