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Engaging 4WD on Bedford MJ


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Ok, new owner here but I understand I get 4x2 and 4x4 in high ratio and 4x4 only in low.  Is there a knack to engaging 4wd in high?  My experience with Landrovers has been rolling at low speed, no load, move the lever but trying that technique in the Bedford and the lever wont budge.  Stiff lever or am I doing it wrong?



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I now realise that it is quite a few years since I last used an MK or MJ!  There will be a dog clutch in the gear box to engage 4 X 4. .  If the teeth are abutting each other, they will not be able to engage.  I cannot recall this problem arising.  You need to check that all the linkage is free up to the gear box.  Do this by disconnecting it at the gear box.  Then check that the selector rod is not seized in the gear box.  One would expect it to move a little.

The problem that we did very often experience was a reluctance to come out of low ratio 4WD.  The solution was to reverse up a little in order to relieve any wind up loads in the box. 

I hope that this helps.


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2WD to 4WD should be clutch down and pull the lever back / up while stationary or at low speed. If you're already in 4WD low, clutch down and shift the ratio lever to high.

Daft question maybe, but you are disengaging the clutch, as you don't mention doing so?

Otherwise I have come across MKs / MJs that have not been used in a while with stuck shift linkages as John suggests - you should be able to check the linkage through easily as it's all fairly exposed and easy to disconnect.

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Thanks both and yes, I was disengaging the clutch Sean (but thank you for saying it out loud in case!).

I used to use the reverse tip in the Landy too as it could get a little tight sometimes.

I will grease everything up and gently try again whilst stationary over the weekend.



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