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Dodge Points



I have a few questions regarding Points and ignition timing on my Dodge.

I had a breakdown which turned out to be a broken wire to the coil. The negative wire had broken at the terminal under the rubber sleve section so i couldnt see it.

Anyway, before i found it was the coil wire, i was changing the points and condenser by the road side. On removing the original points, the little square felt pad fell out without me seeing where it was. My understanding is that it goes between the rubbing block on the points and the cam.

I have just fitted a new set of points, but i haven't put the felt pad back.

Do i need to put this felt pad back and if so, what do i oil it with and will i have to set the points gap again if i fit this pad?

For lubricating the cam, will this stuff in the link below be ok? Im going to an event in the Dodge this weekend and i don't have time to order any lube off the internet incase it doesnt arrive before weekend, so i want to be able to buy it locally.


My last question: If its not running right after fitting these new points, am i best turning the distributor to set the ignition timing? I've never done this before, so any tips would be appreciated. I don't have a timing light, so will be doing this using my ears.

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Your better off putting the slightest smear of Vasaline on the heel of the cam,  don't use oil it can get thrown off and foul the points then all sorts of bad things can happen.

The felt pad is used as it soaks up the oil and releases it slowly.  If your going down this route then one drop of clean engine oil is all that is required for several thousand miles of use.

As Nick points out most point systems don't use this so you'll be fine without it, just set up your points to 20 thou  with feeler gauges or use a dwell metre if you have one at 32 to 34 degrees of dwell for a six cylinder engine.

Once again to echo Nick's good advise do not slacken the distributor body pinch bolt and start changing the static timing if you are not confident in re-timing the engine, if it ran fine before leave it alone.


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