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May I ask for help from member better skilled than I in recovering vehicle markings from old pictures. I have just received this from the Dingo registry.

The down loads shows the Dingo as owned by the two careful owner since February 1942,  1/ 1944  2/ 70 odd year later. Dingo F475451 is the vehicle, but the last two digits in the 1944 picture are hard to see.

Thanks Mick

F47451 194554 france.jpg


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I am following this line up. The picture was taken on 3.9.1944 in Fleurbaix, France during the Liberation of Northwest France just outside Lille. On the 75th we drove her fully bombed from Sussex to Ghent and back on the route the 8th Army took, we passed within half a mile from the picture location. The picture is still a great peace of history and thank you for your reply. Mick

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