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Garage find motorbike


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Hi chaps, I have been got the job of clearing out a dead relatives garages, I had an idea of some of the things to be found including a motorbike.

Sadly like everything else in the place it is in bits but at least the engine appears to be more or less together, it is an AJS 350/500??, not sure that is why I am posting.

just 2 photo's today that may be no help at all but anyone recognise it? I am pretty sure the flywheel is from one of the 3 lister engines in bits not the bike :)



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I have now managed to bring together all the AJS parts I can find, I will attach photo's below. The only major piece that did not appear was the gearbox, who knows what happened to that! Any other help with ident would be welcome, where would I find frame number if that would help?

I am going to sell this, if anyone here is interested let me know, otherwise it will probably end up on ebay.






AJS (11).JPG

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