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  1. I’m still looking for a pair of WD G3L fork sliders if anyone had a pair they would like to sell im also after fir G3L side panniers rear stand spring spring/bolt and bush for foot brake left side top headlight bracket gear lever kick start lever copper fuel pipe thanks, Barry
  2. Hi chaps I hope all is well thtough thees hard times. im looking for a pair of matchless wd g3l fork sliders, if any one had a pair they would like to sell please pm me thanks, Barry
  3. would any one have a brake plated mounted speedo drive pinion Gear, the smaller 14t one For G3 matchless thanks, Barry
  4. I’m still looking for a matchless G3 fuel tank if any one has one available thanks, Barry
  5. I’m still on the hunt for a G3 fuel tank im also looking for a pair of riders foot rest thanks, Barry
  6. The G3 tank is slightly longer than the G3L tank, Itl have M badges and rubber knee pads. there should be a water deflector where the seat goes, if this is missing there will be three holes around the U shape of the tank thanks, Barry
  7. To be honest I don’t really want to let em go as there so hard to get hold of, Il only swap for a bunch if G3 parts
  8. Hi thanks any way. if anyone els on the forum has a Matchless G3 non panel fuel tank available please pm me. I’m also looking for a G3 Chainguard, side prop stand, seat, magneto, clutch, rear brake pedal and brake rod, brake shoes, riders foot rest. i do have front and rear Rare original smooth G3L mudguards, a genuine G3 rear ribbed mudguard that’s had the rear tail piece cut of, il be willing to swap thees for some parts if interested fullerbarry@hotmail.co.uk thanks, Barry
  9. Hi Are you keeping it to use or sell, or sell as it is? If not, if you find another on available please let me know thsnks, Barry
  10. Hi Chris Ever so sorry for the late reply. If you still have the tank available please call me or text on 07939820456 or email fullerbarry@hotmail.co.uk Thanks Barry
  11. Hi chaps. Would anyone have a matchless G3 fuel tank they would like to sell, non panel im also after a pair of 1” clutch/brake lever Brackets, the Type you bolt the mag/air lever to thsnks, Barry
  12. Hi chaps would anyone have a good fuel tank for a matchless G3 they would like to sell Non panel im also after a pair 1” lever brackets, the type you bolt the air and mag levers to thanks, Barry
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