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Matchless G3WO


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My experience.is.that motorbikes are often 're stamped on both the frames and engines .. It's therefore worthwhile sharing photos of the bike and engine and in a particular any stamping you can see .

If genuine frame 1001 appears associated with contract c8329 this was for 110 bikes delivered between 25/11/35 and 30th March 36 ..my source is the British forces motor cycles by Steve Orchard and Chris Madden ..there is a question mark over the frame numbers so further info on your bike will be great as the authors are active in this forum 


Regards Jenkinov



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11 hours ago, GSL272 said:

I have a Matchless G3WO with an unusual frame number, WD1001

could this be a frame used from a spares depot on a military rebuild?

I will try to attach a photo, engine number is G3/40 14029 from C7183


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That does not look like a workshop job! It looks like it's been scratched with a sharp nail. Is there by any chance a number on the rear frame?  Just beyond where it joins the front frame.  Ron


3074-1 (3).jpg

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Thanks for the.photo .This frame number  stamp is  unfortunately  not original . Frames at this stage were all hand made and the frame numbers were added at the factory . If you compare it with other frame stamps you can see they are significantly different from this one .The paintwork has no visible under coat . curious  do you know any history on the bike . 

As Ron suggest we probably need to look for other stamping locations  to identify the frames origin .. More photos of both  the frame and engine would allow us to give you more insight on the bikes origins 




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