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British Chevvy?

Peter Maxfield

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Could anyone positively identify this truck for me please? I'm guessing it's an early Chevrolet - the cab shape and detail below the window seem right. The filler also, but other side to usual - Canadian-built, maybe? Although the side looks flat in the photo, the wheel arch flare is there. My photo title is just the closest I could spot. The guys are all B.M.M.E. (British Military Mission to Ethiopia). It's 1945, or early '46. They're at Lideta Aerodrome next to the Italian-built Terminal building, and their favourite pastime is driving to their favourite spot for swimming, catching and cooking fish - Lake Bischoftu, a volcanic crater lake south of Addis Ababa. My father, RAF Sgt. Peter Maxfield, is only just half in the photo, standing behind the truck - probably about to drive (though I can't see him in the thumbnail). Most of the others are Army; dad was briefly the only RAF chap there. Other photos have a Morris PU8 and he mentions a 15cwt Dodge. An instant colourisation attached too.

Off to the Lake Chevvy ½ ton 4x2 MCP.jpg

Off to Lake 2.jpg

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The moulding on the side of the cab suggests '42 Ford, ordinary civilian pattern.  

The military equivalent was the 1GC, but they all came with provision for side mounted spare:


Five stud wheels maybe on a half ton or 3/4 ton

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That's what we are here for.

There were a whole bunch of Ford, Chev, and Dodge civilian trucks, many from the Canadian plants, which were shipped to North Africa and the UK in that time period just for use as basic transport.  Some were donated by charitable groups, some became NAFFI wagons, etc.

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