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Thomas Tingley - Coach & Motor Body Builders 1935 Catalogue

Scrunt & Farthing

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A distant family member, whose precise relationship to me I don't recall, was fatally injured in the 1930s by being struck by a Motor Omnibus.  It was of no great consequence, as he was, as my Grandmother ruefully described him, "a reader of cheap fiction".   Such affectations were of great consequence in those days.

There is one thing I am certain about though.  I would like to think that the fatal Omnibus carried fittings made or sold by Thomas Tingley, Coach and Motor Body Builders, of Walworth, London.  

This Thomas Tingley catalogue popped up on ebay last week for four quid.  I present it here (in PDF form), for other pre-WWII bus and lorry botherers to mull over and wish they could still buy components at these prices.  Thos. Tingley were well known for infrequent catalogue updates.  I estimate they seemed to think every fifty years or so was more than enough, and so much of the contents dates from a period before its 1935 cover date.

I think even with my Grandmother's distaste for cheap books she would acknowledge that four pounds was a bargain, and a nice way to remember ancient Omnibuses, if not distant, dead relatives.

I also include a couple, of what the trashier-press call "teaser pictures".   It was simpler times when a Gentleman had separate brushes for Mudguard and Hub!

Tingley Catalogue.pdf


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