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Greetings, new guy here, looking for info for our museum :)

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I am a volunteer at the Georgina Military Museum in Georgina, Ontario,  Canada.  We are a small, not-for-profit establishment that has existed for over 25 years, housing some military artifacts and vehicles that are on display to the public, along with local veteran-based private memorabilia.  For the longest time we have been a patchwork-type organization, including our presentation to the public; my intention since I have joined the board is to change that, and I have started with our vehicular displays.  I am looking for statistical and manufacturing info , as well as usage and any other deployment-type info I can share, to better educate our visitors.  Is there any way that anyone on this site could help me with this?  I've attached a sample of one of our "info plaques" to show you what I'm hoping to achieve.   We have the following vehicles on our property: a 2-Wheel 20cwt, 180 gallon water trailer, a 1946 (?) Willy's CJ2 Jeep, a 1986 Iltis, a Bofors L60 AA gun, a C1 105mm Howitzer, a Ford F30A CMP 1.5 ton lorry, an M113A2 APC, an M135 "Deuce-and-a-half" 6x6 Cargo Truck, an M551 Sheridan tank, and we recently obtained one of the only remaining two ""AA No. 4 Mk 6" mobile S-Band radar trucks in North America (from our information)...

I've also messaged on of the admins on here directly, but any info posted here (or you can reply to mcgleg@rogers.com) would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you for your time,


Jeff Leggett

Georgina Military Museum,

Georgina, Ontario, Canada

GMM - M113A2 poster.docx

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