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Vickers 12 pdr

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Ian V Hogg makes reference in his book British & American Artillery of WW2 to an 8 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun in 1942 but not a 12 Pounder.    They were unable to balance the design on either the 6 pounder carriage or the tank mounting and once they reduce the length of the barrel to achieve it the performance was no better than a 6 Pounder.


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Thanks for that. I am aware of the 8 per being tested but have seen paperwork relating to proposals for an 11 pdr and a 12 pdr  (which might be the same just firing a longer/heavier shot) and one photograph hand captioned as a 12 pdr but those are poor evidence that the 12 pdr was actually built. The proposed bore was 2.75 inches by the way and it was based on a bored out 6 pdr tube which would normally be 57 mm.

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20 minutes ago, MatchFuzee said:

Have you seen this?

A pencil drawing but no online image.

12pdr mobile anti-tank guns, Warden Point, Fletcher, Isle of Sheppey. 

Part of a dispersed collection. Documentary material held by Department of Documents (Box Reference 85/23/1).


I had not seen this, thanks.

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2 hours ago, Adrian Barrell said:

I suspect the 12 pdr naval gun might have been used in an improvised mount. That was a 3" calibre. Doesn't explain the Vickers proposal though, unless that was the intention, to mount that gun on a field carriage. It was done with the 3" 20 cwt gun on the 17 pdr carriage.


Hi Adrian. No, the proposal is quite clearly a suggestion for a bored 6 pdr up to 2.75", not a sleeved 3". It was intended to be a direct swap for the 6Pdr in the 6pdr mounting. It compares the expected performance of it with the American 75mm in the proposal and this might have been the seed of the idea to slightly thicken the 6pdr tube and bore it for Sherman ammunition which resulted in the British 75mm which fitted the 6pdr mounting.

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